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Across our company, our people are leading the way for everything we do. That’s why we’re committed to giving our team members the benefits, tools and resources they need to reach their fullest potential – both professionally and personally.

Our benefits are so much more than health and well everything else we do at AT&T, our benefits are top notch.  In fact, they have their own page...check it out while you are shopping for your next great opportunity.  We're sure you'll like what we have to offer.  We don't just offer benefits...we offer Rewards

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  • Health Insurance

    “The outsourced disability coordinators were rude and unhelpful.” (378 comments)

  • Vacation & Paid Time Off

    “Worse thing is during the holidays you cannot travel to visit family due to the holiday "rush" when in fact any sensible shopper will do...” (282 comments)

  • 401K Plan

    “I was a contractor we did not have a 401k. Treat all employees and contractors as equals. We need to stop American Companies from using contractors...” (193 comments)

  • Oct 08, 2015
    Former Sales Representative in Centerville, Georgia

    very solid benefits package but it takes 6 months to kick in

  • Oct 08, 2015
    Former Employee in Atlanta, Georgia

    Insurance deductible was a bit high, but the premiums were much cheaper than other companies. Everyone is probably experiencing price increases due to the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare")

  • Oct 07, 2015
    Current NOC Engineer in New York, New York State

    ind out if there are any monthly or per-pay-period costs for the overall benefits plan (which will make an immediate and tangible dent in your take-home pay, although it is usually a pre-tax deduction), who is covered (does it only cover you or does it also cover other family members and future family members), when each component of the benefit actually begins (some will begin the first day of work, some after thirty days, and some after one year of employment), and whether any of the benefits are taxable (life insurance is an example of a benefit that you may end up paying taxes on at the end of the year). If the benefits are provided cafeteria-style (where you can pick and choose which you will enroll in), find out if you can add benefits at a later date and what restrictions would be involved. Medical Insurance Consider the type of plan (Preferred Provider Option, Health Maintenance Organization, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, etc.), what expenses are covered (HMOs will often pay for preventive care expenses that others will not, etc.), deductibles (annual deductibles, per-office-visit deductibles, etc.), co-pays (percentage the insurance pays versus the percentage you will pay), exclusions for pre-existing conditions, and whether or not the plan has open or closed enrollment (including medical exams or other evaluations which may be necessary for enrollment in the plan). Dental Insurance Consider whether preventive care (exams, cleaning, X-rays, etc.), surgical care (root canals, etc.), and orthodontic care (braces, etc.) are covered and to what extent (deductibles, co-pay, annual limits, and lifetime maximums). Vision/Eye Care Insurance A great benefit if you need it. A great benefit even if you don't currently need it (most will need it eventually). Evaluate what expenses are covered, what the deductibles are, and what the annual limits and lifetime maximums are. Many companies now offer an "up to" amount of annual coverage which can include exams, eyeglasses, contact lenses, and even disposable lenses. Life Insurance Although you are likely not planning your funeral arrangements yet, this benefit will become increasingly important as you add loved ones to your life. In the meantime, it may cover the basic expenses in the event of unexpected tragedy. Some companies will also allow you to purchase additional blocks of term insurance, although often at or above the going market rate. It is usually better to purchase additional insurance separately, but evaluate the costs—especially if the rates offered will remain stable for the duration of your employment. Accidental Death Insurance As if it somehow matters how you die, some companies pay more if your death is of a more spectacular nature. If they offer it for free, take it. Don't buy additional amounts. Business Travel Insurance Another variation on the accident insurance theme. Companies sometimes provide their employees with insurance to cover accidental death or dismemberment while traveling on business. Again, if they offer it for free, take it. Disability Insurance One of those benefits you will never ever care about until you need it. Disability insurance is usually divided into short-term disability (which can sometimes include an allocation for sick pay and usually includes initial disability coverage from 90 days to a year) and long-term disability (which usually kicks in after 90 days to a year). Note the percentage amount of salary paid, how that percentage may change over time, and what that percentage is based on. Also note how any variable pay components may be covered.

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This list of benefits is based on reports from current and former employees. This list may not be comprehensive. Some employers verify reported benefits.

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