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ExxonMobil Interview Questions & Reviews

Updated Jul 20, 2014

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Chemical Engineer ("Contact Engineer") Interview

Chemical Engineer ("Contact Engineer")
Beaumont, TX

I applied through college or university and the process took 2 days - interviewed at ExxonMobil in October 2009.

Interview Details – I was first contacted through my university's career services department. I had applied to be interviewed by ExxonMobil, and they had agreed to interview me during their on-campus interviews (which occur annually). The day prior to the interview, I attended an information session hosted by the company. It was not personalized in any way; there were about 50 future interviewees attending. I did not speak with any ExxonMobil employees at this function.

The next day, I had a 1:1 interview. I arrived early, checked in with the "receptionist" (who was an engineer), and went to the room when called. ExxonMobil uses a STAR system: Situation, Task (I think), Action, Result. My interviewer posed questions to me and wanted answers that touched on each of those four points. Questions included:

"Tell me about a time you had to go above and beyond what was required of you to complete a task."
"Tell me about a time you foresaw a problem no one else did."
"Tell me about a time you took the initiative to get something done."
"Tell me about a time you had a conflict with someone and how you resolved it."

After the interview, I shook hands and left.

Later that evening, around 6 PM, I got a call from the receptionist inviting me out to a group dinner. It was business casual (no one wore a tie). When I arrived at the restaurant, about 11 other interviewees were there, along with the whole recruiting team. It was rather pleasant, but I should have arrived a little earlier so that I had more of a choice where I sat. During the meal, there was absolutely no pressure. The only talk about work that was done was by some of the older ExxonMobil employees, who reminisced together. There was a lot of talk about sports, weather, and life in Texas.

About 3 weeks later, I got a call during lunchtime from an ExxonMobil employee from the Beaumont complex. This man was not on the recruiting team. In fact, no one on the recruiting team was from Beaumont, so my information must have changed hands at least once. The man on the phone asked me a little bit about which of three positions intrigued me the most, spoke to me about what ExxonMobil does, and how great it is, and then asked that we arrange a site visit (per my agreement). Of course I agreed, and we scheduled it for about 2 weeks later.

I traveled to the site without incident. I ate dinner with my host and had the rest of the night to myself at the hotel. The next morning, I met my host in the hotel lobby at about 7 AM for breakfast. We went to the complex at 8 AM, and I started by speaking for 30 min with someone whose self-proclaimed purpose was "to get me excited about working for ExxonMobil," though he only talked about hurricane damage. Then I had a 30 min 1:1 interview with a REALLY friendly lady who worked in accounting (or finance of some sort). She asked me questions such as:

"What project are you most proud of, and why?"
"Tell me about a time when you had to make a decision about an open-ended problem. Walk me through your thought process. How do you feel about the result?"
and some of the questions from the previous interview.

I then had a 30 min 1:1 interview with an engineer who had been with ExxonMobil for 10 years. He was supposed to give me a "technical interview" (no STAR questions). For this interview, he just wanted me to tell him about my toughest assignments (projects) in school, what my role was, which one worked out the best, etc.

I then had a third interview which was almost exactly the same as the first.

I then had lunch with my host and 2 of his coworker friends.

After lunch, we toured the facility.

I then had the last interview of the day with the head of the Facilities Planning Dept, which was the hardest one. She said she was unconvinced that I was driven and unconvinced I was a team player. “Convince me,” she said. It was tough. I still don’t know if she was playing some sort of doubting role or if she was being sincere.

The final interviewer had told me that they would contact me within 7 days. Two and a half weeks later, she called me personally and told me that they would be unable to make me an offer. She said that other candidates had slightly better "organizational experience" (which I assume to mean "work experience"), and that was the only category in which I was "edged out." I thanked her for the opportunity to be considered. I do not know if her reason for not giving me an offer was true. My work experience was known prior to my site interview, so perhaps the real reason is something else. Maybe I was some sort of alternate choice, which is why I had to wait so long to get a final decision.

I never had to take any written test of any kind, nor answer any technical questions, nor take a drug test.

Interview Questions

  • Working at ExxonMobil requires teamwork. I'm not convinced you are a team player. Convince me.   Answer Question
  • I'm not convinced you are driven. Convince me.   Answer Question
  • Tell me about a time you were under a strict deadline, and you were forced to re-think your approach to the problem at hand. By changing one aspect of your approach, you were then able to meet your deadline.   Answer Question

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Internship Interview

El Paso, TX

The process took a day - interviewed at ExxonMobil in October 2010.

Interview Details – The interview took place at my University (UTEP) at the student union center. A current employee greeted me and took attendance of other students coming in to interview. While waiting she tried starting conversation with myself and the other students. Most of the questions had to do with her position and her past experiences.
I took this first encounter as a pre interview so I was sure not to engage into mundane or complex conversation. I kept my words minimal but very engaging. Example: so how was your senior year (since she was an alumni). This seem to have work well since every time someone else would try to converse with her she would continue on with that conversation with me instead of the person who began it.

When my interviewer was ready we went into a small (very small) room with a very small table with her chair and my chair directly across from one another. ( akward at first but I was slightly prepared since my communications teacher said that situation could happen). After all introductions were made she began to explain how the interview would go and that to expect any type of question at any time. Then disaster struck due to the actions of the university career center since they gave her a very outdated resume.
HAVE AN EXTRA RESUME OR ANY INFORMATION DOCUMENT IN HAND I was already prepared and had my current resume with me but be sure to do the Sam as well but let them ask if they want it in my case she needed it.

After I cleared up the confusion we had a laugh (seeing how the old resume had my experience making pizzas) and that mishap was a good icebreaker for the interview to start. She had documents with questions that focused and the kind of person I am and my behavioral tendencies.
Know before hand times where you made good decisions bad decisions, how you resolved conflict with others etc be sure to put in details that show how your thought process went and paraphrase technical parts ( as you may not be interviewing with someone in a similar field in my case she was civil engineering and I am electrical) but stress the positive even with the questions that focus on your negative aspects.

The answers I gave were put into three sections, she made it clear that the best section to be categorized in was the star section meaning a very satisfactory response. And the other two were for moderate and not satisfactory. This may help to ease any anxiety you might have when you see them writing things down. After jumping back and forth throuhgh questions she had asked me if I had any questions for her.

TIP 1: if you interview and you reached this point and you had skipped a question they asked this is the time to go back to be sure you earn another star. This happened to me so this is what I did and i threw in a brief explanation of the type of person I am.

TIP 2: if you didn't skip any questions then be sure you have done your homework and know some questions to the job that your interested in depending on the which field your interviewer is in be sure to have technical and non- technical questions in mind if you still draw a blank just ask about the diference between upstream and downstream.

Interview Questions

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Geoscience Recruit Interview

Geoscience Recruit
North Houston, TX

The process took 1 week - interviewed at ExxonMobil in August 2010.

Interview Details – I had an interview at AGU in San Francisco, in December 2009. That was a screening interview to see whether I would be selected for a short course (5 days) or an internship (summer).

I was selected to attend a short course in downtown Houston in March 2010, which consisted of 5 days, in a hotel, learning about the oil industry and "analyzing" old seismic records. On the final day, all students who attended the short course gave a poster presentation of research they had done.

Following that, I was selected for a third set of interviews, in north Houston, at Greenspoint, in August 2010. I figured, at that point, they were just figuring out where I would fit in and offer me a job following another set of "personality" type interactions with potential skills managers. An oral presentation was made at this point. I was told, from a colleague who works at XOM that the presentation needed to be technical. I used my thesis defense presentation and took some of the excessive detail out, because I figured "This isn't a thesis defense, right?" I was told, later on, that it wasn't detailed enough.

I was told I would hear from the hiring manager within two weeks. Any more than that and to call. I called three weeks later. I received an automated computer rejection. It said, verbatim:

"Dear [candidate],
Thank you for taking the time to apply for a job with ExxonMobil. We have reviewed your background and interests relative to the needs of hiring organizations. Unfortunately, we do not have a suitable opportunity for you at this time. We appreciate your interest in ExxonMobil and the opportunity you have given us to consider you for employment.

ExxonMobil Recruitment"

Stay classy, ExxonMobil!

Interview Question – Where do you think you would fit in at ExxonMobil?   View Answer

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Senior Systems Analyst Interview

Senior Systems Analyst

I applied through college or university and the process took 3 days - interviewed at ExxonMobil in March 2010.

Interview Details – i have got intervews on Feb.18th in my school for intership jo with 5 companies. I hve got one offer. 4 interest. I hve go day visit from P&G, will get phone interview from EXXON, ctigo company asked information fo their background check. so now I have to read another two interview

Interview Questions

  • Describe a time you made diffcult decision.   Answer Question
  • Give an example of how you worked effectively with people to accomplish an important goal.   Answer Question

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Difficult Interview

Analyst Interview


The process took a day - interviewed at ExxonMobil in August 2010.

Interview Details – The interview was great. I felt very comfortable with the interviews and employees that I interacted with. I was very excited about the opportunity to work for Exxon. The interview wasn't too difficult because of how open the interviewers were. There were behavioral and technical questions involved.

Interview Question – Conflict Resolution: describe a time when you and another person on your team didnt agree or had a conflict. Explain how you dealt with that situation.   View Answer

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Aviation Fuel Undergraduate Placement Interview

Aviation Fuel Undergraduate Placement
Leatherhead, England (UK)

I applied online and the process took a day - interviewed at ExxonMobil in April 2010.

Interview Details – After the application process, asked to complete online assessments.
Then given a phone interview asking competency questions only.
Passed and went through to the face to face interview at Leatherhead. Interviewed by two persons of the Exxon aviation department. Mostly competency based questions again. Some other questions on why I wanted the opportunity.
Afterwards, shown around the site and had a 'casual' and 'informal' chat with the current undergraduate.

Interview Question – What are your weaknesses?   Answer Question

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Procurement Associate Interview

Procurement Associate

I applied through a recruiter and the process took 2 weeks - interviewed at ExxonMobil in January 2012.

Interview Details – I was asked about my past backround experience, ti was very focused on my ability to stand up different tasks at one time and rëated working jobs experience. As procurement is a new and demanding area in my country, they were interested in a way I am prepared to do it.

Interview Question – What si your weakest point?   View Answer

No Offer

Positive Experience

Difficult Interview

Geoscience Intern Interview

Geoscience Intern
Houston, TX

I applied through college or university and the process took 4 months - interviewed at ExxonMobil in November 2011.

Interview Details – I lobbied my university heavily to be selected for the interview. I have read on here that the interview consist mostly of competency based questions. When I met with the Exxon geologist who did the interview I found out that the entire selection process is based on your ability to show what research you have done so far and your progress toward your graduate degree.
This man has been the main recruiter for Exxon US for almost 8 years and 60% of the geoscientists in the company were hired by him. He was very nice and informative but unless you are very bright and accomplished you don't stand much of a chance.
Approximately 10% of those interviewed are considered for a summer internship. Of those interns 60% are offered positions.
Good Luck!

Interview Question – Explain your research and give me a brief description of how you have moved your research has moved forward in the past 12 months.   View Answer

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Difficult Interview

Corporate Accountant Interview

Corporate Accountant
Dallas, TX

I applied through a recruiter and the process took 2 days - interviewed at ExxonMobil in August 2008.

Interview Details – The interview process was great from beginning to end. I was picked up at the airport in a black town car with tinted windows and taken to a nice hotel. There was a casual group dinner the evening before, and the food was delicious. Upon arriving for the interview, I was assigned an escort who took me from interview to interview. The interview process was difficult, however it was enjoyable and I was treated with respect throughout the process.

Interview Question – There were many questions around strategic thinking. Be prepared to provide multiple examples of your strategic thinking capabilities   Answer Question

No Offer

Neutral Experience

Difficult Interview

Refinery Intern Interview

Refinery Intern
Austin, TX

I applied through a recruiter and the process took 2 days - interviewed at ExxonMobil in February 2012.

Interview Details – The interview is quite difficult. First they want to make sure you know how to explain previous experience clearly and concisely.Secondly they as many personality questions. And thirdly they make sure you are fit to their employees by asking you personal questions.

Interview Question – Explain what is the most difficult project you had to finish at your previous job?   Answer Question

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