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Updated Jul 18, 2014
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3.5 428 reviews

89% Approve of the CEO

ExxonMobil Chairman and CEO Rex W. Tillerson

Rex W. Tillerson

(225 ratings)

71% of employees recommend this company to a friend

Review Highlights

  • Great work/life balance outside of month-end close (in 22 reviews)

  • The pay and benefits are great as it is big oil (in 16 reviews)

  • This can be a good thing, but not when you desire a strong work/life balance (in 22 reviews)

  • Rating & Ranking system is antiquated at best (in 41 reviews)

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    Gender discrimination... My boss treated my like garbage because I was a girl and then fired me when I got pregnant

    Lube Technician/Customer Service (Former Employee) De Pere, WI

    ProsThe only thing good about that job was I got paid and learning some new mechanical stuff. THAT'S IT...

    ConsThe challenges of working at Mobil 1 existed because I was a girl. Management talked town to me as if i were stupid or beneath them. Everyone I worked with completely disregarded the relevant qualifications i possessed for the very position that I was hired for by having me do the work no one else wanted to do. Like mop the floors or clean the bathrooms. When I actually got a change to do the job that I was hired for… My boss would immediately undermined my actions or efforts by manipulating the situation leaving me in a position where I had to choice but to rely on my peers to do my job… So that way I'd always be inferior. My boss was controlling and discriminatory. When I got pregnant by boss all of a sudden treated me with constant dislike. He was always short with me and got extremely irritated by everything I did… Then at one point my boss told me that I had to sign a document stating that I willingly agree to a voluntary layoff starting at 3 months pregnant until after I had my baby. After that I regularly asked him about seeing the document and he always said that he didn't have it or he needed to get it still… I never saw that document because three weeks later I was fired for "poor work quality" without every justifying why or what I ever did.

    I called the Mobil headquarters and asked them about all of it… They told me there is no such thing as a voluntary layoff at 3 months pregnant company policy and that anyone that's pregnant are allowed to work all the way up till the day the baby is born if the mother chooses.

    So in a nutshell… I was discriminated against for both being a girl and being pregnant. I was was also wrongfully let go.

    Advice to Senior ManagementFigure out through anonymous employee opinion which managers there are out there getting away with this kind of behavior towards the employees that they personally have direct control over. I'm sure I'm not the only one or the last one that's going to experience something like this.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm optimistic about the outlook for this company

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    Operator (Current Employee) New York, NY

    ProsThe pay and benefits are decent and there's still a pension but that's about it. And I need six more word for the minimum.

    ConsThe work is boring. There's not much opportunity to move into the trade you want. It'd be easier to quit and reapply for an open position and rely on the internal application process. Don't believe anything they promise you unless you get it in writing. They tend to "forget" or just drag issues out until people get fed up and stop asking. High turn over and it's everyone for themselves with no teamwork. Most of the safety culture is just talk as well.

    – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company

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    Mechanical Engineer (Former Employee) Houston, TX

    ProsGreat pay and benefits. Really very easy work. Actually too easy. I felt like I was doing the same thing over and over again and not learning.

    ConsVery political environment. If you don't value the environment and believe that oil will never be challenged by other fuels, you'll be fine. If you have an open mind you are going to have a tough time in this culture.

    Advice to Senior ManagementPeople are so set in their ways here that it seems pointless to even give advice.

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    Your grandfather's company

    Territory Manager (Current Employee)

    Pros- compensation
    - compensation
    - compensation
    - that is the only pro.

    Cons- extremely traditional and old school. job openings do not get publicly announced.
    - promotions happen through a "secret" committee.
    - forced ranking for performance management
    - no regard to work/life balance. I was working 80-100 hours a week. 40 in the field and 40 in the office.
    - forced relocations. you can negotiate to stay in your current geography but promotions will not happen if you choose this.
    - you feel like you work for exxonmobil. you never feel like you ARE exxonmobil
    - no published org chart

    Advice to Senior Management- it's 2013. publish an org chart. stop being so secretive
    - let people have more control on their career development. quit forcing people to move.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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    Dont work here!!

    Anonymous Employee (Former Employee)

    Proslarge corp and overseas assignemts

    Consranking system is about who you know and not what you know

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    Poor Working Environment

    Anonymous Employee (Current Employee) Torrance, CA

    ProsGood starting pay
    Stable job environment
    Plenty of career opportunities if your willing to travel
    Strong culture of safety
    Gas discount at the pump
    Interesting and varied work

    ConsLow workforce moral. The culture is toxic. Although, this is highly dependent on where you work as the culture of each site/office can vary widely. The low moral is everywhere - from entry level to managers. Nearly everyone is either openly bitter or discontent. People stay primarily to receive a paycheck in order to pay their bills. Very few workers are actually happy to be there and come to work because they enjoy it. Negativity is quite pervasive. I can literally count on one hand how many times I've heard someone make positive comments in all my years here. On the other hand, I can fill a book with the number of negative comments.

    Very high attrition rate. Younger folks are leaving all the time. Those who have been around longer seem to be imprisoned with golden handcuffs, and are literally waiting around to hit that magic age when they can finally retire and collect their pension. Management seems to care less that people are constantly leaving before their prime.

    Clandestine ranking system. Highly subjective and not a true meritocracy as it’s very dependent on what managers "think" about you and not so much on actual work output. Perception is everything. If you’re not willing to pucker-up your lips and schmooze, or you don’t get along with your manager, you can kiss your career good-bye.

    Pay is good for new hires and drops off sharply thereafter. The pay eventually plateaus unless you are continuously promoted. No bonus of any kind of profit sharing unless you are a higher level manager.

    Lack of accountability or expectations. People are rarely held accountable for their actions – especially managers. Roles and responsibilities are written down, but not consistently followed or enforced. Positions are literally reinvented as new people rotate into them.

    Poor management. Too many new managers who have no idea how to manage, and older managers who would rather be individual contributors, or simply don’t care anymore and are just waiting to retire. The good managers are few and far in-between. Unfortunately, they tend to rotate away and never comeback. Management provides little vision or direction. Most of them are just checking the box and trying to survive to their next rotation. Managers keep implementing new initiatives and reorganizations when they are absolutely clueless as to their chances for success. There is no acknowledgement as to why past initiatives failed and why these new ones will work. The managers like to point fingers and rarely take ownership and blame for their shortcomings. Heaven forbid it’s ever management’s fault for something as that would damage their careers, which seems to be their only concern. There is a so much rotational movement in management that there is an endless cycle of initiatives, agendas, and policies.

    Refining business has been tough since the economic downturn. ExxonMobil treats production sites and the workers there like a commodity that can be bought or sold at anytime. Unless you’re a high level manager, you will be sold to the highest bidder at the right price.

    Lazy workforce that is extremely contractor dependent. The contractors tend to do most of the real work.

    Tons of procedures and guidelines on almost everything. The problem is, not everyone follows them or even know they exist. As a result, the vast majority of guidelines and procedures are not accurately followed and simply ignored.

    Very little training. All the training is focused on safety and you are rarely trained on actually how to do your job. Only operations/maintenance workers tend to have some type of set training plan. Otherwise, it’s a free for all and you are left on your own to figure out how to do your job if your manager isn’t proactive in developing you.

    Safety culture is a bit too strong, even in comparison to other ExxonMobil sites. All everyone talks about is safety and its been taken to an almost painful extreme. Everyone is forced to do field observations each month. Most people think its a joke exercise - something forced upon them by management. Very few people actually believe in it, but its taboo to say that openly.

    Advice to Senior Management-Drop the arrogance, your not that good
    -Relate with your workforce more, show that you actually care
    -Improve the workplace culture

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company

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    The Chosen Ones vs Everyone Else

    Anonymous Employee (Current Employee) Torrance, CA

    Pros+Financial stability of company
    +Good culture of working together
    +Industry leader in technology
    +Strong safety culture

    ConsExxonMobil's entire corporate culture is a function of its ranking system. In a nutshell everyone in an range of jobs is force-ranked. So you are either listed as the #1 employee, the #27 or the #100 or anywhere in between. In theory it is an objective way to move the best people to the top and show the worst people the door. It's extremely political and is more of a popularity contest for everyone except maybe your own manager.

    What is messed up is that if you are not in the top 10% then Exxon basically treats you like your career is completely worthless and you are lucky just to be there. I have worked at Exxon for about 10 years, I have ONLY been in the top 1/3 and was basically told "we're moving you to a job that you don't want and won't be good at, but we don't really care about you. Someone else needs to check a box and you are in the job that they need to check it."

    Unfortunately, the whole system is run by the people that did well in it, so as far as they know the system works well. It promotes people that think, act and talk like them. They keep getting more and more money and better and more interesting jobs. As far as they're concerned all the other people in the company should count themselves lucky just to have jobs.

    Advice to Senior ManagementExxonMobil really needs to realize that people are not a commodity product. The rank system, while flawed, could remain but they really need to evaluate the outputs of it. In a bad economy people will stay around just because they don't want to risk not having a job. In a good economy though, everyone will jump ship to any other company that pays them well and actually respects their employees.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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    Good for a few years, but quickly grows stagnant.

    Laboratory Technician (Current Employee) Kansas City, MO

    ProsGood experience with a well known company. If you put a lot of work into it, you can build a very nice resume after a few years.

    ConsThere are little to not growth opportunities, no matter how competent you are. It feels very stagnant and the environment is extremely negative. Management gives the impression that they couldn't care less about your career or goals.

    Advice to Senior ManagementI realize there isn't much management can do to move people, but they could try to give the impression that they are trying to move you, and it would be nice to see outside job postings and opportunities.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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    "Heartless" (worked in management for ExxonMobil for eleven years before switching to another major (at for three years)

    Treasurer (Finance) and Commercial (Gas Marketing) (Former Employee) Houston, TX

    Pros- Stable company; not about to go bankrupt
    - Slightly-above-average initial base salary
    - Some employers value the name on the resume / CV

    - Oppressive culture and heartless senior managers have turned the employees into unhappy robots
    - Institutional arrogance, i.e. "ExxonMobil is #1 at everything; our competitors are pathetic"
      -- Morphs into personal arrogance common among the employees, e.g., senior managers think that they are gods
      -- Displaying emotional intelligence is taken as a sign of weakness; thoughtful employees are stuck in middle management
    - Extremely conformist
    - Office politics unduly thick
    - In the energy industry, known as adopters, but not inventors
    - Backstabbing common among team members (collaboration is not consciously encouraged), i.e., peer will try to embarras one another during meetings

    - No bonuses (almost all the other majors do) while the base salaries are very close one another
    - Significant, early raises following by (inflation-based) plateuing salaries

    - No 9/80s, i.e., employees do not get every other friday off

    - Heavy nepotism; national origin, marital relationships, region of the country, etc.
    - Agism
    - National originism; culturalism; Texan culture and the good-ole-boys network
    - Most parts of the globe; tolerated racism
    (All of the above at unduly extreme level)
    - Personnel decisions are made without direct employee input (unlike at most ther majors), e.g., no internal job postings
    - (Low) quality of supervisors make employees worse future supervisors

    - Psychologically demeaning; low emplyee morale
      -- Employees (incl. supervisors) scared of doing anything
      -- Usual management style is to bully your employees; no 360s, i.e., supervisors do not get graded on how their direct reports think that the supervisors are doing
    - Humor or aving fun is looked down upon
      -- If you want to die at an early age ("right after retirement" is quite common), ExxonMobil should be your top choice
    - "High pay and the name attract people; rigidity and low morale drive them away."
    - Most older employees feel trapped; very few happy employees

    Advice to Senior Management- Hire open-minded people
    - Value your employees not because a cost-benefit analysis tells you to do so, but because they are human beings
    - Your stock price has been doing horribly for two years now. Admit that there is something wrong, and be open to new ideas on how to ameliorate the situation

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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    • No Opinion of CEO

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    Senior Engineer (Current Employee) Houston, TX

    ProsDecent pay, 401k match, Opportunities are there but you need to know where to find them, Benefits are decent - insurance etc.

    ConsNO bonuses
    Pigeonholed quickly - fast riser or slow mover
    No input into personnel moves, company decides what is best for you
    Be prepared to live in Houston

    Advice to Senior ManagementPlease listen to people. Stale midlevel management (my manager had the same job for 20 years). And why no bonuses?

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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