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Updated Jun 17, 2014
Mitel Networks – US – “Corporate building”

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2.6 57 reviews

50% Approve of the CEO

Mitel Networks CEO Richard McBee

Richard McBee

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Review Highlights

  • They used to have great people, however, many changes have taken place over the past two years(in 5 reviews)

  • This used to be a good place to work when it was Inter-Tel(in 4 reviews)

  • Upper management has no real regard for it's employees(in 7 reviews)

  • The benefits are not good, no 401k match(in 4 reviews)

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    Channel Account Manager (Current Employee) Orange, CA

    ProsThere are none. All of it sucks. All of it. I was recruited with their smoke & mirrors offer, none of it was honored by management.

    ConsOld-school management has zero respect for human talent. I fully expect barcode tattoos and reference employee number vs. name will be next in order.

    Management rules from an ivory tower and is never available, unresponsive, lacks direction/ strategy/knowledge needed to run a company and blames everything on its employees. Why in the hell do you hire people with experience when you could give a crap about their opinions? Suggestion - hire trained monkeys vs humans. They're cheaper and easier to manage under hostile circumstances.

    When sales hits 10% of its quarterly quota, whose problem is it? Theirs? Yes, these idiots point fingers at their sales reps/managers, like they must all be doing something wrong. Instead of asking for feedback, they prescribe more of the same "everyone required to make 100 cold calls/daily." I seriously have no clue how these clowns are still allowed to run the company. In fact their business decisions are so horrible there's a conspiracy rumor, that perhaps they're intentionally burning the company to ashes. Like an arsonist for insurance money. THIS is how asinine their decisions seem to their employees. Where are you Mitel shareholders? Don't you guys pay attention to Glass Door?

    Internal processes are all backasswards, and management makes no attempt to fix them. You FINALLY make a sale and your order gets held up because some schmuck with a spreadsheet took off for vacation and nobody bothered to back him up. Phones are shipped before they're properly provisioned. Yes, this happens. A lot.

    Speaking of which, the term "sales prevention" is frequently referred to within a course of the day. It's almost as if Mitel does not WANT you to make a sale. 3-4 months is typically time it takes for a sales rep to make a sale. No kidding. A 5-phone deal taking 3-4 months? Something is VERY wrong with that and sales should be informed BEFORE they accept the job. So they can stock up on Top Ramen and cans for recycling, because very unlikely they'll earn commission for the first six months.

    Lack of integrity - I swear the good ol boys in executive management must have met while working on a used car lot. You can't trust a word they say, and you're only as good as the last month you hit quota. Miss a month and you get the dreaded PIP (Performance Improvement Plan), with constant reminders that you better hit quota or be fired. Luckily for the many folks considered "underachievers" by Mitel, so many people quit, they can't fire anyone. Then management might have to actually work, and/or go sell something. Right, like that's going to happen.

    Overall - if you are thinking about working for this company, I would recommend not doing it unless absolutely desperate for a paycheck. In fact, I'd ratherh hold a cardboard sign off a freeway ramp then work here. At least you'd be able to look at yourself in the mirror and sleep at night. This company lacks integrity, structure and direction. I give it less than a year before investors see through the smoke and mirrors.

    Advice to Senior ManagementGet rid of them. They are driving the company into the ground. The products and technology are good, and some good talent still on board. However when you threaten your people, dictate to them, treat them like a commodity they will not only underperform but make you pay their salary while looking for another job. I would say "the day of reckoning" for Mitel management is not far in the future. Better dust off those resumes guys.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company

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    Current employee. It's just a job. Not a career.

    Field Tech (Current Employee) Mesa, AZ

    ProsThe people you work with are relaxed and easy-going (not talking about management).

    You can work with management to work a flexible schedule (won't guarantee it though, you will be lucky to have a supervisor/manager that works with you and your first priority called "life").

    Company profit sharing.

    On a good day, management will bring in food for the employees and once a year have a company provided lunch/BBQ/picnic.

    It's a job and I get a paycheck.

    ConsExperiences of others may be different than mine. I only speak for myself and what I have seen within this company. I'm a fairly optimistic person, but this place mentally and physically drains you, mostly because of ignorance of others. I will be speaking of the various levels within the company, so things are just rolling off the tongue as I type.

    No ability to move up in the company.

    Once you're stuck, you're stuck. The only way out is to quit (or do something stupid and get fired).

    No raises, only "industry standard matching"

    Doesn't matter if you have certifications in which you paid thousands of dollars in training and testing to get, you are only allowed industry standard pay.

    Do not hire into managerial positions from within the company, always bring someone else in from the outside in which they call "fresh perspective". Fresh perspective can also be given from someone in who knows the technology inside-out, has worked with it for 5+ years, knows the customers for more than 5+ years and has the ability to work with them to reach a resolution in the case of an issue.

    Management does not recognize employee potential. They go by numbers and metrics, basically reading a book by the cover, but never diving deep into trying to understand the silver lining.

    You are expected to learn things on your own with only minor to no training.

    Constant distractions from management to do their jobs (they call it delegation) which hinders employees work to not be done. I call it ignorance and not wanting to do the job.

    Make sure you dress up to the nines, even if you aren't customer facing.

    Benefits are garbage, almost half your paycheck is gone and you still have to pay out of pocket when you are "in-network".

    When certain things are out of your hands, management will still call you out for it, some throw you under the bus. Instead of tackling the issue together and winning the customer over.

    This company is on the stock market, which means make investors happy first (profits), then make customers happy, then the hierarchy inside the company. So basically employees have it the worst.

    Management says they will have monthly meetings so that everyone is "up-to-date" on our offerings, mmhmm...sure.

    Innovation is unheard of, just follow along with what the industry is doing. There is no, visionary, systems, creative, or influential thinking (that I see).

    When certain tools are required to do the job, it'll take the approval of God to get those tools to you.

    Let's just say I'm living in the year 2014 and still using a system from 2001. Really? You're a leading company?

    Projects get announced and almost are always left at 75% pending and are never seen through.

    Sales is sales, they implement networks that on the engineering/systems/analytical/theory side make absolutely NO FREAKING SENSE! Oh wait, then they get rewarded with trips to Hawaii for making the sale. Lame.

    Customer retention is the current game, yet nothing to retain them is being done.

    There are other more harsher statements, but at the current time these are current ranking problems within the company.

    Advice to Senior ManagementWhere did you get your management education/training, a community college?

    Employees first (we make the gears turn), customers second (they fuel the machine), investors third (Mitel did good before it went public). You can throw all the fuel you want

    Rich McBee needs to put in a request for his company to be presented on "Undercover Boss" so he can see what REALLY is going on in his company.

    Did you know, that I, Mr. Anonymous, am an employee and an investor with the company? You have got some real problems and this news is going around quite quickly within the investors groups.

    Please educate yourselves about the technology that your department is given and implement proper training for yourselves, we employees know what we are doing.

    Learn to speak the truth, outright. Create a frank nature.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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    Insensitive to employees

    Marketing Programs Manager (Former Employee)

    ProsI can't think of any

    ConsTreat employees horrible and don't care about anything except for the bottom line.

    Advice to Senior ManagementNONE

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company

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    Really bad place to work

    Software Developer (Former Employee) Kanata, ON (Canada)

    ProsParking is free.
    On-site out of date gym.

    ConsThe morale is still horrible. Lost lots of superstars and continuing to lose great employees. Favoritism occurring in the company. No career advancement for younger generation. No salary increase over three years and stolen work credit. Constant layoffs and demotions. Managers not helping employees for career advancement (unless if you are the favourite one). And lots of backstabbing.

    I need to stay here over ten years to get an extra week of vacation (currently have three). My benefits actually went down in the last two years .

    Technology is out of date. No innovation is occurring at this point and pretty much copying what other competitors are doing. Most of the work is being shipped to India and the quality we are getting back is poor.

    Internal tools are horrible. They are out of date and confusing to use. After so many years, we finally got Google tools last year. Found out recently that we are going to lose it. Several employees have been telling me that Mitel is investing to make the internal tools better. After 4 years, I haven't seen not one bit of improvement.

    I would not recommend for anyone, especially for the young. You have a better chance to work in a start-up company.

    Advice to Senior ManagementNo advice to management. They know what they need to do.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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    Software Developer

    Software Developer (Current Employee)

    ProsThe only pros is the people I am working with. And that's saying a lot.

    ConsMitel claims it's a software company and yet they can't design and develop a proper software. There's a re-org every three months. Interesting enough, the upper management always have the room to hire a new VP. For poor chumps like me, well there's always the pink slip opportunity.

    The software is buggy, complex, user unfriendly and not even following the proper software development guidelines. The software development model that Mitel uses is outdated.

    Apparently the upper management does not listen to us. They simply take our feedback and chuck it to the garbage.

    Advice to Senior ManagementWhy should I give advice to management if they don't listen?

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company

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    What a shame

    Systems Engineer (Former Employee)

    ProsLots of online training
    5000 is a great product

    ConsManagement has no regards for it's hard working employees
    Constant layoffs resulting in the loss of many knowledgeable employees
    Skeleton staff with minimal technical support

    Advice to Senior ManagementStart preparing your own resumes because this is a sinking ship.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company

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