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Updated Jul 21, 2014
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3.2 395 reviews

71% Approve of the CEO

Netflix Founder, Chairman and CEO Reed Hastings

Reed Hastings

(307 ratings)

52% of employees recommend this company to a friend

Review Highlights

  • Freedom and Responsibility" is their guiding phrase here and it is true (in 29 reviews)

  • Good Pay & Fact paced work environment (in 18 reviews)

  • Netflix makes no secret about it's high performance culture, which results in a very high turnover (in 18 reviews)

  • IT IS LITERALLY TRUE THAT IT IS CULTURE OF FEAR, no matter how talented you are (in 17 reviews)

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    7 people found this helpful  

    Times are tough so you probably need the job but start looking for a career ASAP once hired!

    Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) Hillsboro, OR

    Proshands down pay is great 14.00 plus health care benefits (800 extra a month if you opt out of insurance) puts my pay above 2500 a month!

    10 hour shifts (can be a con too) three day weekends are nice but you will need it

    Classified as a hostile work environment by the state of Oregon so you get unemployment for virtually anything you may get fired for (even if you deserve to be fired). Make sure you get hired by netflix first before taking advantage of this sweet pro. It does not work if you are still on your trial period with them through a hiring agency.

    Great job to go into to find a real career especially as a college graduate in this economy

    ConsCustomers have no lives so they call up about stupid things and feel they deserve the world for $9.99

    Dealing with stupid people all day long is very rough.

    Pay is great but think about it, why do they pay so well? If it was a great place to work they would not need to pay well, would they ;-)

    constantly acting like you care takes its toll at about 4 months in (like I said start looking for another job on your three day weekend no matter what you think at the start of this job, you will thank me later for that nugget of info ;-)

    You will not get time off even though they don't give you paid time off

    People are always getting axed around you so don't depend on the job.

    Advice to Senior ManagementLet people take time off! By not your allowing people time off your making them get burnt out.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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    37 people found this helpful  

    Don't make the mistake of working here

    Manager (Former Employee) Los Gatos, CA

    Pros1. Pay is good, and for some tough to fill roles, pay is very good.
    2. The stock option plan is a good deal.
    3. A number of policies treat people like adults (dress code, attendance, and vacation/holidays). You can take as much time off as you want, as long as you get your job done.
    4. A number of smart people get hired.
    5. The industry is growing very fast.
    6. Well known brand with instant street recognition.
    7. Facilities are pretty good.

    Cons1. Look at the comments on this site around turnover, treating people poorly, sick culture, and weak senior leadership. These are all very accurate.
    2. No training, management training, or development. The philosophy is if you don’t have what we need, we will replace you (i.e., fire you for not being a “good fit”) with someone from the outside who has that.
    3. Hourly jobs in particular have stagnant pay.
    4. There are no bonuses or incentives.
    5. The culture has serious problems.
      a. You will see countless references on this site to a “culture of fear”. This is widespread in every department and division. Even executives laugh that their time is numbered. A company that functions on fear is not a place for the long term. When everyone in a room is asked do they fear being fired and everyone says yes, that is a big problem.
      b. A culture of watching your back and stabbing others in the back. Many employees, including C level people, participate and have learned that tossing others under the bus, keeps them safe. They see this as a way to protect themselves from scrutiny from above. Employees and managers are all too comfortable talking about what is not working with a person. The 360 review process reinforces this. Those who have been there the longest are almost soulless with regard to firings. They have fired or seen so many people let go that they don’t really care anymore.
    6. You can be fired without warning, feedback, or any coaching. Most employees don’t bring any personal belongings to work as they could be let go at any moment. It is often a surprise.
    7. Do not move for a job with Netflix. If your partner or spouse doesn’t work, you could be risking your families financial health. There is no job security regardless of how good you are. Performance does not equal security at Netflix.
    8. Managers have a 1 year shelf life before they get shown the door. Directors and VPs are constantly evaluating managers, so anytime you make a mistake, are perceived not to be cutting edge, it could be your turn.
    9. HR’s job is to hire and show people the door. HR brags about how good they are at firing people. They don’t help employees, nor are they there to help employees become better. Their role is simply to ensure the company doesn’t get sued and headhunt for all the people that are turning over.
    10. Managers main role is making their team better through constrantly looking for their weaker employees. Leaders are asked could they hire someone better. Of course the answer will always be yes.
    11. No severance package is enough to compensate you for disruption in your career, moving, or the stress that comes without having a job.
    12. The recruiting function will hire you fast. The idea is to keep you excited, but if you are reading this don’t get caught up in the Netflix product of movies—look at whether this is actually a place you want to work.
    13. It’s incredibly stressful and life-shortening for you and your loved ones. Why work at a place where people, including your hiring managers, treat you as completely disposable?

    Advice to Senior Management1. Change out your HR leadership. They are in love with the culture, but they are creating an unhealthy long term environment. Once the economy picks up you will not be able to treat people as poorly as you do.
    2. Change the culture of fear. Install real coaching, feedback, and performance reviews so employees can feel comfortable doing their jobs.
    3. Do some employee surveys to learn the real thoughts of your front line team.
    4. Stop the turnover that is higher than comparable companies.
    5. Reed, if you are not a people person, hire some people who are. You will get better performance from people who are not in constant fear of being fired. You can still remove weak performers, but don’t make even your best employees fear for their jobs.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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    12 people found this helpful  

    people are expendable

    Anonymous Employee (Former Employee) Hillsboro, OR

    ProsInnovative company with strong growth and brand recognition, pay and benefits are good, the work is challenging and there are some great people that work there. New hire orientation was a good experience and fun to attend.

    ConsThe culture sounds great at the beginning however, in reality there is no empathy or understanding of human error. People are not given the time to learn, make mistakes and grow from the mistake, instead one mistake (even small) will get you shown to the door. There is no training and even high powered professionals need some direction and guidance. There is a lot of fear and uncertainty inherent in the culture and it leads to an "every man for himself" culture which does not promote teamwork.

    Advice to Senior ManagementHR 101, your employee's are your greatest asset and constant turnover is not healthy for any business in the long run.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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    4 people found this helpful  

    Netflix: A company that doesn't value employees, but only sees them as a means to an end.

    DVD Sorter (Phoenix) (Current Employee) Phoenix, AZ

    ProsAbove average pay compared to the industry standard. Casual work attire policy.

    ConsInadequate, poorly-trained management. Very little emphasis on feedback to employees. No paid vacation.

    Advice to Senior ManagementValue your employees. Don't treat them like cattle. If you don't have any sense of loyalty to your employees, they won't hesitate to leave for a better offer elsewhere. Your company has about 25% turnover, easily. Why do you think that is?

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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    1 person found this helpful  

    Management is asleep at the wheel

    Manager (Current Employee) Los Gatos, CA

    ProsFree lunch, good salary, nice commute

    ConsPoor performance of colleagues, very poor management, very poor planning

    Advice to Senior Management80% of your employees hurt you, the other 20% are mistreated. Fix this.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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    18 people found this helpful  

    Fear-based culture

    Senior Software Engineer (Former Employee) Los Gatos, CA

    ProsHigher than market salary
    Free lunches
    Unlimited PTO

    ConsFear-based, highly competitive culture driven by upper management. Mid-management is forced to follow the suit otherwise it will be their job on the line. Everyone is under pressure to deliver but nobody provides guidance as to what is expected. If you're a super-star you're supposed to figure it out on your own.
    Zero tolerance to even small mistakes - you're expected to work as a perfect robot. If you made a mistake you're out immediately, no chance for correction.
    Zero communications about your performance - it is all up to management to decide how you're doing. So you don't know whether you made or making mistakes.
    Project management does not exist, hence no planning is happening, just loose email exchanges.
    You don't feel as part of the team, there are virtually no teams, just people trying to prove something and keep their jobs. As a result many decisions are short-sited since they provide immediate credit, long-term decisions are usually on back-burner until all of a sudden they become critical and then it is all hands on deck.
    You're expected to work long hours and weekends on regular basis.
    Basically if you accepted an offer you're owned by Netflix.
    Documentation is non-existent, people are secretive about knowledge transfer.
    All in all Netflix's motto Freedom comes with Responsibility turns into the situation when company has freedom to do whatever it wants and employees have all responsibilities.

    Advice to Senior ManagementTrust and respect people. The fact that you pay high salaries and provide unlimited PTO does not mean that you own people's lives. Give people freedom for mistake, at least one. One mistake means nothing especially in first year of employment. Encourage planning.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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    10 people found this helpful  

    Total Lack Of Respect For Employees

    Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) Hillsboro, OR

    Pros-$$$$$$$$$$!!! ($13-$14/hr to start w/full time hours immediately)
    -Free rental subscription--the highest one they offer (8 @ a time)
    -Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance available right away
    -free food in breakroom along with Netflix connection & big screen TV to watch shows
    -showers in bathrooms if you walk/ride a bike and need to clean up before work
    -peers are fun to work with
    -high speed internet & laptops available to check e-mail, facebook, myspace on breaks

    Cons-fear-based company
    -anyone higher up than you will NOT respect you. Period.
    -cliquish environment (if you're not with the in crowd, you're invisible.)
    -very poor communication about job performance
    -do not uphold their own company values
    -rarely promote from within
    -contradictions galore!

    In the nine days I was there for training before being unfairly dismissed, I saw several examples of employees being treated like children and unreasonably scolded. One girl was in the classroom 5 minutes before break was over. She suddenly had a bathroom emergency, so she left quickly to take care of it. She made it back just as they were shutting the door. On the next break, she was taken aside by the supervisor (supe) who said, "I noticed you made it back from break just as I was shutting the door. I just wanted to let you know that's unacceptable. You need to be back from break several minutes early." (In other words, you really don't get your full break.) She apologized, saying she'd been there five minutes early but had an emergency. He said, "I'm sure it won't happen again."

    One girl had to call in sick because her child gave her the flu. They forced her to speak to three different people who scolded her, the last of which was the call center manager himself! He said he was going to give her the opportunity to come in for the rest of the week.

    Another girl simply asked her neighbor for a pen during class. She was pulled into a conference room afterward and told by two different supes that talking during class was unacceptable and wouldn't be tolerated.

    Netflix has a zero-tolerance policy for what they call "push back". They touched on this very briefly in class during our second week of training. The example they gave was this: "If your supe tells you to change something and you say, 'I don't feel like it, so I'm not going to', that's considered push back and will not be tolerated." Basically, it's outright insubordination. My supe said I needed to work on verifying every account. When people call in, their account auto-pops onscreen....unless they don't give their service code to the automated answering service before they're transferred to a live person. This happens about half the time and it's mostly people who don't have accounts and are just asking about the service. So I asked my supe, "Is that even when they're just calling with a general question about the website?" He said we needed to at least ask for a name and warned me that what I'd just said was considered push back but he'd let it slide this time. I was baffled but just said, "Okay." The same supe told me he liked that I was resolution oriented because that was a good thing. An hour later, he took it back saying it was bad and I needed to focus on empathy. When I was let go, they gave me the opportunity to give feedback. I mentioned the contradictions I'd noticed and also that I didn't understand how asking a simple question during training was considered "push back". I was told that it's all about perception and I just wasn't a right fit. They also said this sort of thing happens often.

    Before you go to work for Netflix, ask yourself this: if the pay is excellent and the benefits are great, why is the turnover rate at Netflix so high??? Why are there so many bad employee reviews out there? Notice the recurring themes in the reviews, i.e. lack of respect, no job security, fear based business, no career growth opportunity, etc. There comes a time when the realization that it's not everybody else, it's the company, has to set in.

    Advice to Senior ManagementBe more reasonable with your employees. Maybe if you applied the same amount of empathy you insist on for call flow to your staff, people would be more inclined to stay with you.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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    Don't take the bait

    Operations Manager (Former Employee)

    ProsInsurance is good, if you do not have a family. If you insure your whole family, it eats up half of your paycheck.

    ConsWorst cases of CYA I have ever seen. Upper managers take credit for your ideas. You are told one thing, then something entirely different happens. Communication is a joke. They like to promote so called "values" however, these values are simply words on the wall.It is not worth working 75-80 hours a week, and to be expected to be on call 24/7/365. Your family will be pushed aside, your health, and don't expect to be able to have a social life outside the company.

    Advice to Senior ManagementGet over yourselves. When you ask for feedback, but then on't hear what you want to hear; that is not a license to fire someone. You are going against your own "values" when you treat people this way.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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    12 people found this helpful  

    The Truth About the Netflix Call Center..... :(

    Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) Hillsboro, OR

    Pros-decent starting wage (assuming you make it out of training)
    -inexpensive benefits and decent health care coverage
    -for the most part, employees (CSR1) are really cool to work with
    -sheltered smoking area
    -Free Lunch (Mac and Cheese, Oatmeal, or Ramen)
    -Unlimited coffee (caution... don't take a bathroom break!! You may get fired)
    -Schedule choices offered after training (Choose Wisely)
    -fairly decent training support for the first two weeks of employment (if you made it)

    Cons-Out of every 100 customers who you interact with by phone, you may only have 5-6 upset customers or you risk losing your job
    -you are always tied to your desk by a phone cord
    -The calls keep coming whether you want them to or not...
    -There is no set concrete guidelines for evaluating personal performance. It is all subject to caller reviews (i.e. You're job may depend on somebody's bad day!!)
    -After your initial training (assuming you made it) there is a real lack of support for training from the management team. You will only see your team manager during your last week of training and then your first reprimand and your last day. (Watch out for the RED PACKET!!!)
    -Netflix is great at finding talented people to do the job, but they are HORRIBLE at retention. Do they have a quota for firing people???
    -Whether you are a CSR, CSRII, Supervisor, Team Manager, or the Call Center Manager, you are never secure in this position. Do not count on it for long term stability/security in employment.

    DISCLAIMER: I was not fired from my job... I quit, gave notice (albeit through the attendance line).. In all honesty, Netflix was a great transitional job for me. I needed quick money, and work and Netflix filled that vacancy. I was very happy with the people I worked with, as I made some really good friends while working there, and that is the only positive thing that came out of Netflix. I now shop the Redbox.

    Advice to Senior ManagementCustomer Service is not simply a game of numbers. As a Customer Service Representative, and as a former Customer Service Manager, and trainer, with a reputable company, who Netflixs' own Michael Osier, vice president for information technology operations and customer service, based the Hillsboro call center after; my advice is to focus generally on the broad customer service experience and not sweat the small stuff. A good former CEO of Southwest Airlines once said "We can't take ourselves too seriously" If you're not having fun, and treating your people with decency, the you will have a poisonous atmosphere that is impossible to come back from.


    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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    • No Opinion of CEO

    15 people found this helpful  

    Worst treatment of humans I have ever seen.

    Operations Supervisor (Current Employee) Salt Lake City, UT

    ProsThe insurance is good and you get it quickly after starting. There are some good people that you meet here, however they are usually fired within a matter of months. It is a challenging environment to work in.

    ConsThe hours are very poor. There is no chance for promotion unless you are part of the current in crowd. The culture that is created is one that promotes arrogance, aggressive behavior and dishonesty. The general feeling is of fear and anxiety amongst the employees. You do not receive a performance review until you have upset management. You are expected to perform at such a level of intensity that it creates extremely high tension; associates tremble with fear. You are flat out told that you are expendable, and no matter how hard you try or what you accomplish, you will likely end up being walked out the door once they find someone who is not at the verge of a breakdown to replace you.

    Advice to Senior ManagementManagement should consider the fact that by promoting and encouraging anti-social behavior the company is setting itself up for disaster. While people should be self-motivated and strong, they should not be expected to work themselves to a point of breakdown. Do not string the employees along and tell them one thing one day and something entirely different the next.

    No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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