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Interview Los Angeles, CA

1. They will ask you how many hours you expect. If you

  expect a lot, they won't hire you. Say you're open (18-30hrs max a week, usually on the lower side is what they give you). 2. They ask for your availability. Have no life and be able to dedicate your hours here and you'll be fine. Be open. 3. Go on and on about how you're great at customer service. 4. Go on and on about how you are great at selling. 5. If they do a roleplay with you, the key to success is point out sales (signs are everywhere) and add additional item to what they ask for. 6. Make sure you mention how you are the best at loss prevention and how you're always aware of your surroundings. The questions will be centered around the above. Your answers should include all of them. Additional: They do no drug test and their background checks consist of simply calling your refs. The company is too cheep to pay for drug tests or background checks. Which is why you end up with a staff that are on drugs, have issues with the law, or have a police record. People would come to work high or drunk, and if they could hide it they got away with it. It was horrible.

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