3D Artist Interview Questions

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“What my favorite video game was”

“Who shot first?”

“What salary are you looking for?”

“How did I create the texture map I provided as an example of my work?”

“Only the producer had actually looked at my portfolio AT ALL--ridiculous--so it necessitated hand-holding them through the material. The facility TD also asked technical details on work that was…”

3D Artist at DiSTI

Mar 4, 2010

“What do you know about CAD data1”

“What would be your reaction if you were put on a team with a radically different art style than your own?”

“Did you use Unity?”

“How would you rate me as an interviewer?”

“Do you have any questions for us or about company? (they didn't give alot of information that couldn't already be found online in the previous 5-10minutes of discussion)”

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