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Are you a big-picture person or a detail person?


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Not clear what they were looking for in this instance.

Interview Candidate on May 16, 2009

Primarily detailed but developing the habit/skills to see the big picture. It took me some time to make a habit of seeing big picture. However later I realized that I even need the skills to see the big picture. For that I have been studying other projects and situations and learning from them.

Iam on May 31, 2009

This is an important question. A big-picture person usually adopts a top down approach considering relatively high level aspects e.g., business viability and the extent, where else the technology would impact, mid term and long term potential future of the technology etc. However a detail person would rather adopt a bottom up approach by identifying the well defined technical challenges and their potential solutions, other similar problems and their strengths and limitations...

JM on Sep 1, 2009

A trap. This question seems to ask you make a choice between two solution when in reality the answer is that you must be both of them. There is a million way to conciliate the 2 but you need to find a way to explain that in some circumstance you have to be a detail person, and some other you see the big picture. Show them that you are flexible.

Nikko on Sep 14, 2009

I agree with Nikko. It does depend on whether you are applying for a management position or a support position. Either way both the support and managemnet type should be able to comprehend the problems of the detail and be able to do the detail to achieve the big picture. It has been my experience that the big picture person is the idealist with little comprehension of what it will take to achieve the goal. The little picture (or pixel) person is is the true thinker and problem solver. It is a lot easier if both are thinking up-down and down-up. That is a good relationship.

ljc on May 29, 2015

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