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Business Analyst Interview Houston, TX

Behavioral: what is the similarity between a milk carton

  and a plane seat

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I believe the answer to that question demonstrate a reasoning ability, and thought process. Looking at the two cases starting with a plane seat; plane seats are meant for comfort and support. Comfort in the sense as to soothe uneasiness in the travel. Support: to hold you in place, aligning to the motion of the plane.

Second, a milk carton has more to do with support than comfort because milk are inanimate. I wouldn't think milk carton is made of the same material as plane seat because of the calculated risk involved, and value of the product: human life versus milk content.

So, it has more to do with support; so that both don't fall out of place.

Unknown on Oct 11, 2013

Duh... Both are a little squishy!

Anonymous on Oct 18, 2013

Both can float!

Anonymous on Jan 15, 2014

Its a silly question and it deserve a silly answer as well.

Answer: both have flat bottom .....

aa on Apr 24, 2014

Both have expiration date. If they are not sold/used by the expiration date/flight time, they are useless

Irene Aiello on Mar 5, 2015

Both are designed for efficient transportation

Anonymous on Apr 6, 2015

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