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Design an algorithm to take a list of strings as well as a

  single input string, and return the indices of the list which are anagrams of the input string, disregarding special characters. Given a binary tree which is a sum tree, write an algorithm to determine whether the tree is a valid sum tree or not. Then, write an algorithm that will fix the tree to make it a sum tree. Then, write an algorithm which will fix a tree to make it a sum tree by only using addition.

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Question 1: // // NOTE: Since sort will clobber a value, inputs to this functioned // were passed by value, so as not to affect caller's version. If // that is not okay, it is easy enough to use temporaries as inputs // to sort (sort is defined in std library <algorithm>). // list<int> getAnagramIndexes(list<string> strList, string str) { list<int> myIndexes; sort(str.begin(),str.end()); int currIndex = 0; for(list<string>::iterator i = strList.begin(); i != strList.end(); ++i) { sort(i->begin(),i->end()); if(*i == str) { myIndexes.push_back(currIndex); } currIndex++; } return myIndexes; }

JB on Oct 3, 2013

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