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Updated Jul 23, 2014
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Project Manager/Implementation Consultant Interview

Project Manager/Implementation Consultant

I applied through an employee referral and the process took 3 weeks - interviewed at Epic Systems Corporation in July 2014.

Interview Details – I first submitted an application online which just asked for some general information, resume, and an unofficial transcript from your university. GPA is a really important component for them so keep that in mind (but I don't think it will necessarily make or break the entire process). I also had a friend of mine who currently works at Epic put in a referral for me to help out.

Within a few days, they contacted me to set up a phone interview which was really basic and nothing very intense. Basically asked how you heard about Epic, why you want to work there, and then the person talked about the position and what it's like. At the end of it, there was time for questions and my interviewer asked if I had any other offers or things on the table. I told them about my other job offer (which I think, in the end, put some pressure on them to hurry up the process).

For my situation, they got back to me within a week to take the skills assessment test. This. Was. Challening. I am not a math/logic/programmer by any means but I tried my best. It was a series of algebraic, word, logic, and grammar problems. They also have a programming section which EVERY Epic employee is required to take (regardless of the position you are applying for). Just have a calculator and scratch paper at the ready. There was also a personality test thing that you had to take so that they can gauge what kind of person you are and if you would be a good fit for the company.

A few days after submitting the tests, they emailed me to set up an on-site interview. I lived close enough to their campus to drive but they did put me up in a hotel for the night before and paid for dinner (yay!).

The on-site interview is like a six-hour sprint with breaks in between each of your "events". You'll be in a small-ish group of others who are also interviewing for positions at Epic (some for the same spot, others for different ones) at the start and then it seems like you get combined with another group or two. The day began at 8:30am with an overview of the software, then I went off to do my 10 minute presentation in front of my HR recruiter and two other random employees (not that challenging if you like public speaking, performance).

Directly after my presentation, I had a sit-down interview with my HR recruiter. First she went over basic information, why you want to work at Epic, then looked at your references and asked what strength and weakness each of those references would say about you. Then she asked a bunch of situational and behavioral questions (mainly about group work) and then some other characteristic questions.

After the HR recruiter interview, there was a case study which was a one-sided situation of implementing the software at a new location with a few problems arising as a result. You pretend like you're an actual PM and prioritize the problems and provide some possible solutions. This was done in a small office with another one of my "group members". After filling out the sheet, a PM comes in and asks you situational questions (i.e. If this were to happen, what would you do? Why?)

Once I completed the case study, I had the opportunity to sit down with a current PM/IC and hear what a typical work day and week is like, challenges they encountered, travel expectations, etc. This is a great time to ask a bunch of questions and pick their brain.

Then came lunch with an Epic employee and a tour by another Epic employee (which was pretty tasty and neat!)

My day was finally winding down but then I had a final interview with an actual PM. He also asked about situational and behavioral type questions (again, highly focused on group work). If you haven't noticed this about Epic before, it's a highly group-oriented company. From my understanding, you will be working with the SAME close-knit project team for a very long time so they want to gauge what kind of person you are and if you can handle working with different personality types.

My day finally ended with a touch-base conversation with my HR recruiter. She went over basic things, benefits, asked about your expected salary, and if you had other offers on the table. Don't give out too many details about your other offer(s), as you can use it as leverage in the interview process. It worked to my advantage because I told Epic I needed to notify the other company within the next week.

I had interviewed on a Wednesday and they called me the following Monday, although from reading other experiences, don't expect this fast of a turn-around time for yours (unless if you also have other offers that you can leverage to your advantage!)

Interview Question – List five things you are not.   Answer Question

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Software Developer Interview

Software Developer

Interviewed at Epic Systems Corporation

Interview Details – Nothing unexpected in the skill test. Almost all questions are in glassdoor. The programming part is easy, took me 10 mins each, 3 of them are on glassdoor.
flip a peice of text by 90 degrees;
every finger corresbond to a bunch of letters. From finger numbers to get all the possible letters ;
red black player points count on a N by N board;

Interview Question – pressure math test. Really need to be fast. I left 2 or 3 questions. Don't use the calculator ! Unless you really press the button fast. I didn't use calculator often before, I lost in the buttons.   Answer Question

No Offer

Negative Experience

Easy Interview

Software Engineer Interview

Software Engineer
Madison, WI

I applied through a recruiter and the process took 6 weeks - interviewed at Epic Systems Corporation in June 2014.

Interview Details – tl;dr Very unprofessional, spoke to 5 different recruiters throughout the process, online skill assessment is annoying

Went to a university career fair and wasn't too interested in the company at the time. A few months later a recruiter contacted me via e-mail and asked if I was interested in applying. After the application there was a non-technical interview where I reviewed my resume with a another recruiter. The following day they sent me the 'online assessment', which was incredibly difficult to set up (I had an online proctor, had to take everything off my desk, pan around my room 4 times, let them take over my pc to shut down background processes, install the proctor chat client, and the set up took about 90 minutes). On top of that, the assessment was very insulting as it included very, very, basic math and ridiculous brain teasers (I was very upset to see those on the assessment). It took about 3 (+90 mins of set up) hours to complete and I was aggravated by the entire thing. After the assessment, I had to take a personality test that was very contrived and poor. The following week yet another recruiter contacted me to say that they received my results and would get back to me in a one or two weeks. Two weeks went by and I hadn't heard anything so I asked the recruiter for an update.... no response, three weeks... no response, FOUR WEEKS... no response. During this period I was contacted by yet ANOTHER RECRUITER asking if I was interested in applying even though I was already a few weeks into the process (I told her that I was already in contact with another recruiter) and it made the impression that they were unorganized. The following week (almost 5 weeks from when she said "a week or two") I am contacted by yet another recruiter telling me I would not receive an offer. I asked for feedback but typically tech companies don't do that (unfortunately) and I asked for the score on my assessment but I doubt that I will ever hear from them again.

It was difficult for me not to use vulgar language above but the entire process was THE WORST INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE I've had. To give this statement some weight, I've had about a dozen interviews in the last year or so (not many but this one really stood out),

Interview Question – Unexpected brain teasers on the assessment.   Answer Question

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Difficult Interview

Corporate Trainer Interview

Corporate Trainer

I applied online and the process took 2 weeks - interviewed at Epic Systems Corporation in June 2014.

Interview Details – The initial interview process went well. I was invited for a phone conversation with an employee in the same position. She told me details about the job and asked questions about my life and my experiences. She made me feel comfortable in the process. Less than a week later I was invited back for a testing process, as the second stage of interview. This was difficult-- you were expected to complete a series of coding questions, grammar, mathematical, and logic questions.

Interview Question – Completing the logic testing-- particularly the coding aspect.   Answer Question

No Offer

Neutral Experience

Easy Interview

Technical Services Interview

Technical Services

I applied through college or university and the process took 2 weeks - interviewed at Epic Systems Corporation in June 2014.

Interview Details – Applied through university career fair and was contacted to schedule a phone interview. Phone interview mainly consisted of factual confirmation on my resume (university name,graduation date, major, etc.). This included questions about any school and work experience. The interview also included some typical behavioral type questions. Interview then provided information about the position and answered any questions I had about the position or the company. The interview probably lasted 20-30 minutes.

Interview Question – Where do you see yourself in five years?   Answer Question

No Offer

Positive Experience

Easy Interview

Project Manager/Implementation Consultant Interview

Project Manager/Implementation Consultant

I applied online and the process took 2 weeks - interviewed at Epic Systems Corporation.

Interview Details – I applied online on the weekend and was offered an initial interview by the following Tuesday. I had the interview via phone two days later. During the interview, which lasted about half an hour, I spoke with a current project manager/implementation consultant. He was very pleasant and gave really useful descriptions of the position and training process (basically that at first you are in charge of installing a one specific software on one project and that you have plenty of support and supervision if desired. You also receive anywhere from 2-6 months training before starting the job full time). He also said that, despite the daunting 75% travel time listed in the job description, that the travel time really amounted to about four days a week, with every Friday being in the office (at least that was the case for him), and that he had all weekends in Madison, WI.

After that interview, I was asked to take an online skills assessment and a personality profile. The skills assessment was basically a miniature standardized test. They said you didn't need to study for it, and while that is true, if you haven't taken that sort of test in a while, it might be useful to brush up on general timed test-taking skills with mock intelligence tests, etc.

I was not asked to have a second round interview, but I found the entire interview process to be extremely efficient and amiable. You definitely are not left hanging for very long as to whether they want to pursue you in the interview process.

Interview Question – I didn't really feel that they asked any unexpected questions in the initial interview. It was pretty standard informational interview type questions and just offering a lot of information about the job position.   Answer Question

No Offer

Neutral Experience

Average Interview

Executive Assistant Interview

Executive Assistant
Madison, WI

I applied through a recruiter and the process took 2 weeks - interviewed at Epic Systems Corporation.

Interview Details – I was contacted via email, without having applied to Epic in the past in any way, and received an email asking me to apply because my resume showed I could be a great match for several opportunities that were open. After the initial online applications process (uploading resume, cover letter, transcripts, and the usual questionnaire), I was green-lighted for a phone interview, which lasted about half an hour. Some technical questions related to finance, but nothing bad. Then I was asked to take two online assessments, one of which was a personality profile, which was the longest I've personally taken, filled with the usual "no right answer" type of questions, that took over an hour, and a technical assessment, which was partly reading comprehension, financial and numerical questions, and programming questions. After another phone call describing the final in-person interview in Madison, WI, and discussing more in depth salary and benefits, I received a stock email saying "Thank you for your interest, but..." and no explanation of why.

Interview Question – The entire programming section of the assessment (I have zero experience with programming, and was told this section wouldn't count against me, but it was still a somewhat humbling experience.   Answer Question

No Offer

Neutral Experience

Easy Interview

Software Developer Interview

Software Developer

I applied through a recruiter and the process took 2+ weeks - interviewed at Epic Systems Corporation in June 2014.

Interview Details – From the date that I received the phone interview invitation to getting the rejection it's about 15 days. Phone interview is 1 step. It's just easy, you will be asked about your past projects, 1 or 2 of them. then it's a brain teaser. Then you will informed about their company's cultural, how they organized and you can the interviewer ask several question.
Additionally, there will be a assessment that just like others said. I didn't do good on this assessment, I completed them all and I thought it is not bad but I got rejection. Probably because I consumed about 4 hrs to complete it which mainly because I didn't prepare well.

Interview Question – well, when i did the time-pressure section in assessment, the proctor told me that I need a physical calculator rather than a visual one. so I had to go find one. and this consumed me more than 40 secs and I believed I didn't do good on this section. More ridiculous, the proctor didn't pause it.   Answer Question

Accepted Offer

Positive Experience

Very Easy Interview

Technical Services, EDI, and Implementation Services Interview

Technical Services, EDI, and Implementation Services
Verona, WI

I applied online and the process took 3 weeks - interviewed at Epic Systems Corporation in January 2011.

Interview Details – Sequence (EDI, TS, and IS)

1) Phone interview
2) Rembrandt personality test

3) Onsite interview
- Logic puzzles (easy, assesses problem solving)
- SAT type test (easy, assesses problem solving)
- "Coding" test (really easy, assesses base technical ability)
- Presentation on subject (assesses if you can break down complex subject)
- App TS interview (I think I had 2-3)
- Separate EDI interview (you basically need to say you like to travel and like how the TS role sounds)
- Behavioral interview

I said I didn't want to travel too much, so no EDI or IS offer for me. Took about 3 weeks from first contact to being hired and working.

Interview Question – You're working with someone and they're struggling. What do you do?
(answer 1)
Now you're still helping them, but they're still struggling?
(answer 2)
They're still working on similar issues, but still coming to you for help and struggling through.
(answer 3)
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Negotiation Details – No negotiation allowed on salary after I brought it up.

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Accepted Offer

Positive Experience

Difficult Interview

Technical Writer & Quality Assurance Interview

Technical Writer & Quality Assurance
Madison, WI

I applied online and the process took 8 weeks - interviewed at Epic Systems Corporation in June 2014.

Interview Details – I submitted my application for the Technical Writer position online. The next day I received an email from an HR rep and was asked to fill out a few additional questions, mostly personal information and things like my GPA, etc. A couple days after that, I was contacted again via email and asked for a phone interview, which I scheduled for the next week. The phone interview was pretty basic--a technical writer interviewed me, and asked me about my three most recent positions, then asked if I had any questions about the company.

Within 24 hours of my phone interview, I had to complete a 2 hour timed writing sample consisting of three or four different prompts. I got an email the next day confirming that they had received my writing sample and were reviewing my materials, and then I was invited to take another 2 hour skills assessment and fill out a personality profile. I completed these assessments in the next couple days, and also received an email confirming my scores had been received at Epic. After that, I was invited to an onsite interview for two positions: Technical Writer and Quality Assurance. I chose between a number of days two weeks in advance. Because I already live in the Madison area, I did not need to be flown in; I drove to Epic with the instructions provided by HR, and it was very easy to find.

The day of the onsite interview I met with more people than I can count, so be prepared to keep names straight and don't depend on connecting with your interviewers, because there are so many of them. They provided breakfast and lunch, and there was a lot of walking (don't wear new shoes like I did, you'll have blisters so bad you can't move by the end of the day). When they tell you dress code is casual, they mean it. In a blazer and jeans, I was significantly dressier than anyone else, and it didn't seem like a good thing. Most people wore blouses or button downs with jeans; don't wear heels, don't wear dress shoes, and definitely do not show up in a business suit. My interviewers were mostly in t-shirts.

Almost everything was in groups. They give you a folder at the beginning of the day with your itinerary; only your case studies and meeting with HR at the end of the day will be one on one. For QA, my interview was very short. I had a small group activity where I was asked to perform a quality assurance test on a random item from the room, and then a case study one on one where I talked about management and organization. For technical writing, I had a case study the same as QA, and then a 2 hour writing test at the end of the day that consisted of one hour of random types of writing samples and one hour of technical writing. The 2 hour writing test was the hardest part of my interview, because I was exhausted, had blisters, and had been doing my best to stay on my game all day. The on-site interview lasted more than 8 hours in all.

After the interview, I was told I would hear back within two weeks. I hadn't heard back in two weeks, so I gave them an extra week lee-way and then called my HR rep and left a voicemail asking for updates. A week later, I was called back and they offered me the QA position.

In all, I spent at least 20 hours taking tests, gathering materials, and interviewing for Epic. If I hadn't been offered a position, I would be very upset at the amount of time they require of their applicants.

Interview Question – Name five things you are not.
If you were in charge of creating the themes for our buildings, what's a new theme you would choose?
  Answer Question

Negotiation Details – Negotiation was unnecessary; they offered me $50,000 for an entry level position.

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