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Estimate how many shoes can be sold in US in one year?


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I can not recall I solve it at that time.. it is a pretty difficult question, needs a lot of assumptions

Interview Candidate on May 22, 2012

The way I tried to solve this is breaking 300 M population of US into social classes. I have the estimate of % pop of each class using wiki. Thereafter, for each class estimate the number of shoes for males and females separately.

For each segment, I divided the #pairs each person could have for work, home/casual, Other/party. Sum up to get #pairs for each person in each segment. Finally get the weighted average of #pairs across all classes and multiply by the total population.

My answer was: around 4 Billion

csd on Dec 16, 2012

I checked a link on the google which says that on an average 2.4 B shoes are sold in US in an year.

csd on Dec 16, 2012

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