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Estimate the amount of money the US spends on gasoline.


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Most questions like this one exist so the hiring manager can see how you think/solve problems. I started out by estimating the population of the US which I had luckily remember from somewhere. I then extrapolated the numbers of cars and the amount of miles driven. I multiplied the miles by an estimate of the average miles per gallon and the approximate price of gas (~$3).

I got lost in the calculations because I was not writing down my numbers. I definitely recommend writing down your estimates and multiplying them out on paper as you go. She told me what my answer came to (about $1 trillion). After she left I multiplied it all out and it came to $1.125 trillion which was nearly exactly right (after a google search). The answer isn't what really matters here (as long as it isn't ridiculous)....It's the process.

Interview Candidate on Mar 1, 2011

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