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Given an array and a sum, determine if any of the items add

  up to sum. Do a linear space solution and constant time solution.

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Tell me your constant time solution, because I am too noob to figure it out

needajob on Feb 22, 2012

This will return a list of the two numbers that add up to the sum public List<int> GetNumbers(int sum, List<int> array) { var hashSet = new HashSet<int>(); foreach (int i in array) { if (hashSet.Contains(sum - i)) return new List<int> {i, sum - i}; hashSet.Add(i); } throw new Exception("not in here"); }

Anonymous on Aug 13, 2012

"any two items" and "any of the items" are very different problems. Any two items is easy. Any subset of the items is NP-hard (if I recall)

Anonymous on Mar 25, 2015

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