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Customer Experience Representative Interview Milton, ON (Canada)

Have you ever realized that you did something wrong? If so

  , what were the steps you took to fix it?

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This is a good chance to add in that you were under a time crunch. For me, I told the interviewer about the time when there was 5 minutes left in my science exam and I realized I used the wrong formula for a problem worth the most marks. My teacher tends to care most about the final answer so I wrote down the solution first, then began to show all of my work so if I ran out of time, the right answer was still there

Interview Candidate on Jul 19, 2012

One incident was not following protocol when dealing with a child who had Oppositional Defiant Disorder in my last placement. Instead of giving him 20 minutes “Time-Out”, I only let him cool down 5 minutes before approaching him. This could have been disastrous with another child and youth worker. Because of my calming and light-hearted personality I was able to calm him down and have him apologizing to the Principal within 15 minutes. Again, this could have gone seriously wrong. I did wrong by not giving him the allotted time. My "steps" to fixing this situation was in “ learning a valuable lesson” on "team dynamics and rules" set out for such a situation so as future situations did not turn into a nightmare. Taking the step to "owe up" to my lack of co-operation in following the team’s rules. Realizing there could have been "major consequences" to playing on my own field. "Taking responsibility" and being "apologetic". Sitting with the team and "learning the full procedure" involved when dealing with such a child. Taking "mental note" to "follow authority figures (those more knowledgeable)" who have gone through similar situations with youth many times before me.

Bernadette Waugh on Nov 5, 2012

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