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How do you design an interface for a 1000 floors elevator


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Firstly I am assuming that there won’t be any budget problem. Ok there are two options and we have to test which one is the user preferred yes I mean user preferred, with real user testing. a)It has to be touch screen (sleek user interface with LCD screen). The interface can be like calculator (not exactly like calculator just the key part) were user can punch the key in and the output will be seen on LCD touch screen. b)Second option > the idea inspiration comes from Apple, yes iPhone were you slide and select the fore (just like how we set date or time in iPhone) Yes of course both the interface has to be tested, when I say tested; tested with real users. Note: There has to be some big/or small LCD displaying on each floor (not sure about each floor) to display were the lift is going to stop. Both inside and outside the lift. Putting LCD outside the lift in a proper location will be easy but not inside. It has to be placed in L shape were the door open. on top of the door ( \ like this) so each one can see the LCD no matter where they are standing or tall or short one ;) To see more interview question please visit my blog.

Nadeem Khan on Aug 28, 2012

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Use a dial-pad rather than an abundant amount of buttons.

Anonymous on Jan 10, 2014

I would say to let people to enter the floor number into a keypad while they wait for the elevator. This gives them ample amount time to dial in their floor number while waiting instead of having to fight over the keypad after they get into the cramped space inside the elevator. Since most people goes to the same floor every day (assuming this is an office or residential building), there can also be a companion app for employees/residents of the building. It detects that they are waiting for the elevator with a proximity sensor and already knows which floor they need to go to. By pre-entering the floor numbers while waiting, the lift can prioritize which floors to access based on who arrived first and how close these floors are to each other. For example, if the distribution of riders falls into two clusters, then one elevator can take the riders to one cluster of floors, while a second elevator takes them to the second cluster. (This is assuming that there are multiple elevators). Then as the elevator is arriving, it will display the floor numbers it will be accessing. This also reduces the annoyance of the person who jumps in the last minute and chooses a floor arriving ahead of yours. Like my response? Please visit my portfolio at

Edmund Yu on Oct 4, 2014

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