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If you have a 3 sided dice, what is the probability that

  you will get a 6 and what is the probability that you will get a 6 three times

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this is just a singular di? not a pair of dice? in this case, wouldn't you expect the values to be 1,2,3. none of these values equaling 6 therefore the probability of getting 6 is 0. obviously getting 6 three times is also not possible.

anonymous on Nov 21, 2013

Assuming singular. Although "dice" can mean mean one or more in today's vernacular. Need to know if 6 is one (or more) of the numbers on the three sides. Show as probability of rolling one 6; probability of rolling two 6s - If on none of the sides, then zero; zero. If on two sides, then 66%; 8/27 or 29.6%. If on all three sides then 100%; 100%

More information needed on Mar 18, 2015

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