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Medallia Interview Questions & Reviews

Updated Jul 25, 2014
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Customer Solution Senior Manager Interview

Customer Solution Senior Manager

I applied online and the process took 2 months - interviewed at Medallia.

Interview Details – Had several rounds, screening call with recruiter, followed by two separate phone interviews with a director and manager, and an onsite interview with four team members ranging in authority/responsibility. Between the phone interviews and going onsite I had to complete the Medallia Challenge which was a two-part analysis & write up

Interview Question – What is your biggest weakness?
How do you mentor/develop people?
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No Offer

Negative Experience

Difficult Interview

People and Culture Position Interview

People and Culture Position

I applied through a recruiter and the process took 2 months - interviewed at Medallia.

Interview Details – My experience interviewing with Medallia reminded me of rushing a really weird, unorganized sorority. A recruiter reached out to me on LinkedIn, and promised to schedule a second interview within a week or so. I didn't hear from him, so eventually emailed to follow up a couple weeks later. He set me up to talk with someone else who said "Oh, the recruiter didn't think you were interested in the position." Very confusing. I then was set up with 3 more phone interviews, a couple of which asked questions that really shouldn't be asked in an interview setting. I'm a very open person, but I don't think it's legal to ask someone about how religious they are in an interview.
Even though I was interviewing for a training position, I was sent the famous Medallia Challenge, which was all data analysis and spec-ing a website. I felt like they were setting me up to fail, since I had no background in this area, and would not be an analyst - it was an odd assignment. The challenge took me about 10 hours of research, and I missed the passing grade for an analyst by one point.
I was then invited in for an in-person interview, where I was asked to prepare a presentation (another 15 hours of work) on analyzing data (which, again...was outside of my experience). I understand the reasoning behind this, but I certainly was not set up for success. The interviews (with 5-6 people) went fine, but I was concerned about the lack of role definition - everyone I spoke with had a different vision for the position.
The recruiter called me the next week to tell me they weren't moving forward with me, and I asked for feedback. For a company that told me how much they valued feedback and growth, I expected to come away with some good learns about how to improve. When I asked if they had any feedback, he said, "No", and rushed to end the conversation. I was really disappointed by this. After spending 40+ hours in the interview process, I felt that it was very inconsiderate of Medallia to not provide any critique or feedback for me.
I really like the idea of the company, but I felt like the whole process was about trying to put me through rush week, convince me that I'd be lucky to have them, and make me prove my devotion when they asked me to do things that were unrelated to the role. Hopefully, they get a little more organized and a little more gracious in the future.

Interview Question – How religious are you? How does that impact your life?   Answer Question

No Offer

Positive Experience

Difficult Interview

Client Services Analyst Interview

Client Services Analyst
Palo Alto, CA

I applied through an employee referral and the process took 2 weeks - interviewed at Medallia in July 2014.

Interview Details – I first applied online but did not hear a response. I was only contacted two months later after I was referred by an employee.

1. HR Interview
As soon I was referred, I was contacted by HR to schedule an interview. The interview focused a lot on your past experiences and your intentions on applying to Medallia and to the specific position. Make sure you know the company and its product well, and try to articulate why your past experiences and skills would make you a good fit for this position. The interviewer was super nice and enthusiastic, very informational and very helpful. Didn't feel like an interview at all, it was very conversational. He got back to me for a follow-up interview almost immediately after, on the same day.

2. Analyst Interview
This was a one hour interview with a current analyst. Again, the interviewer was super conversational and a really nice person to talk to! We talked again about my past experiences and what the position entailed. The last 30 minutes was reserved for brain teasers. This was by far the most difficult part of the interview. The interviewer was so pleasant and sweet that I didn't feel too nervous or uncomfortable in answering the brain teasers. The first two questions had a definite answer and the last two questions, were open-ended questions which were intended to evaluate the thought process of the candidate while solving a problem. My advice is to definitely read up on brain teasers on this page and also just general ones you can find on the internet. Either way, the interviewer will definitely guide you through it, so relax and do the best you can! Medallia got back to me almost immediately - I completed my interview in the late afternoon and I was told that I would be proceeding to the challenge stage the morning after.

3. Challenge
We were given a spec and excel challenge to be completed within 24 hours. A 30 minute phone call was scheduled with a current analyst to answer all the questions you may have regarding the challenge. Again, the analyst I spoke to was super chill and helpful! I wouldn't say that the spec and the excel challenge were particularly difficult, but you have to be able to work with a variety of excel formulas and functions. Make sure you know the if functions, vlookup, ifaverage, sum functions, iferrors and etc.

I was told the morning after I submitted my challenge that I will not be proceeding to the next round.

Interview Questions

  • Which is the best way to estimate the population of a 12 story building? The number of parking lots, the capacity of the cafeteria or the population of the fourth floor? Why?   Answer Question
  • You have an organism in a petri dish that splits into two every minute. This organism begins to multiply at noon. What time is the petri dish half full?   Answer Question
  • You are a mayor of a NYC. Describe how you would raise $10 million dollars in tax revenues.   Answer Question

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Accepted Offer

Positive Experience

Difficult Interview

Customer Solutions Analyst Interview

Customer Solutions Analyst

I applied through college or university and the process took 5 weeks - interviewed at Medallia.

Interview Details – I met Medallia at a career fair through my university. I got the email address of one of the recruiters and used that to pass along my resume. I heard back within a week to set up an on-campus, in-person interview.
The first interview lasted a little more than an hour and had a mix of behavioral questions, market sizing questions, and brainteasers. I mostly talked about my experiences at my previous internships. Brainteasers caught me a bit off guard, but they weren’t too difficult. The interviewer was very down-to-earth as well and made me feel relaxed enough to answer confidently.

The second “interview” was a spec challenge where I was given 24 hours to summarize the functionality of a drop-down menu on a web page as well as a data challenge where I was given a jumble of data that I had to manipulate in Excel to create a hypothesis. The spec challenge is a test of your writing skills to see if you can describe product features to engineers in a way that they could understand and program the features’ functionality. The data challenge was a test of your Excel abilities. If you don’t have a general understanding of Excel or don’t know how to use these functions in the data challenge, you will struggle: sumif, averageif, vlookup, iferror, and if functions in general. I was very familiar with Excel by this point and completed the challenge in a few hours (whereas I’ve heard the average is around 9).

I sent in the challenge but heard no word back for about 1.5 weeks. I became nervous and contacted Medallia and they said they had not received it. I resent the challenge and again did not hear back for 1.5 weeks. I again became nervous and contacted the recruiters and they finally let me know that I performed well on the challenge and would be scheduled for my next interview.

The final interview was 3 back-to-back hour-long interviews. These were mostly behavioral “get-to-know-you” questions with a technical question inserted at the end. All of my interviewers were kind though some were more interested in discussing my experience only while others were also interested in my hobbies.

Though the process took a while with my waiting, I had a positive experience. I received a job offer the next week and accepted the day after.

Interview Question – How would you go about measuring all the grains of sand on Earth?
Describe a smartphone to someone who has been in a coma since the 1980's.
If I have a baseball and a baseball bat that cost $11 together, and the baseball bat costs $10 more than the baseball, how much does the baseball cost?
What is the disadvantage of measuring days between events by the date that they happened versus measuring days as 24 hour intervals?
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Negotiation Details – The offer was above what I expected and did not feel the need to negotiate.

No Offer

Negative Experience

Easy Interview

Unknown Interview


I applied through a recruiter and interviewed at Medallia.

Interview Details – I had the worst interview experience with this company. The recruiter contacted me via LinkedIn and scheduled a half an hour phone screen. While she mentioned that they have a couple of open positions, she seemed to be very inexperienced with interviewing - she asked me the same question 10 times - what do you most enjoy doing, which part in an org will you be a good fit. After the 1st round, she contacted me again for a 2nd round. This time there was so much noise in the background - it felt like she was just wailing away her time. She did not even bother to book a conference room or go to a quiet place prior to the call. During the call, she did not have any meaty questions to ask and all she asked is the same question 10 times - what do you enjoy doing the most. Finally she said that we are looking for someone with a programming background for the role of a project manager and that I was not a good fit for the role. I felt that she wasted 1 hour of my time. When a recruiter calls me, I expect them to have read and understood my resume and assess whether I am a good fit for any of the roles that they have and contact me from there on. No where on my LinkedIn profile or on my resume does it say that I am a developer or that I love programming. Very unprofessional hiring process.

Interview Question – None since the recruiter had failed to apply her mind before conducting the interview   Answer Question

Accepted Offer

Positive Experience

Difficult Interview

Manager Interview


I applied online and interviewed at Medallia.

Interview Details – I had applied online for the position. I had total 4 rounds:
1. Phone interview with HR
2. Two 1 hour back to back phone interviews with Managers
3. Challenge Round
4. 4-5 interviews at site - mainly with senior management

Not surprisingly, interviews were largely behavioral for the position I had applied to. Challenge round was interesting and something that few people tend to clear. All people who interviewed me (either on phone or in person) were polite, friendly and very respectful (which is the company culture as well).

Interview Question – How would your manager (with whom you had several arguments & conflicts) describe you?   View Answer

Negotiation Details – If money is your priority then find a different place to work - here people take pride in the work they do and enjoy being with & help other people.

Accepted Offer

Positive Experience

Difficult Interview

Customer Success Interview

Customer Success
Palo Alto, CA

I applied through an employee referral and the process took 4+ weeks - interviewed at Medallia.

Interview Details – I went through a series of interviews, starting with hiring manager, some cross-functional folks and a panel challenge. The entire process was run well, with good feedback along the way. The team there is super professional and spends time to dig in on experience and culture fit very thoroughly. I had a better experience with Medallia than I've had with any other company!

Interview Question – Not difficult, but I had a 1hr interview just focusing on culture fit. I loved it, but to many, this is unexpected.   Answer Question

Negotiation Details – Reasonable, they listened, did not pressure - it all validated that this was the right place for me to work.

Declined Offer

Negative Experience

Customer Solution Analyst Interview

Customer Solution Analyst
Palo Alto, CA

I applied through an employee referral and the process took 4+ weeks - interviewed at Medallia.

Interview Details – I had 2 interviews, the first was the typical HR interview, the second was in house. When I got to the interview, the person interviewing me was wearing jean, sandals, and a v-neck t-shirt. The interview was like nothing like any I had ever had before. I got asked one technical question and he had no clue what I was talking about. I quickly realized I have more experience and knowledge than he did. He then asked me several brain teasers type questions which were interesting. I kept asking specifics about the company and he kept giving the same
answers which seemed like they were bullet points he was supposed to remember.

Interview Question – He kept asking if I could go back and redo my answer what would I change. Asked that at least 4 times.
Asked me if i was starting a parachute company for blind solo skydivers, how would I sell it and what special features would it need?
Also asked me to explain rugby ( my college sport) to him.
Asked em to sell him on my favorite hobby.
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Reason for Declining – I declined after the interview. I have been told they lack leadership (by people who work for medallia) and If this is the type of person they think should be interviewing me and making decisions I have to question that leadership . They also wanted to start me off at a lower position which wold have been a huge demotion. I was excited about the company and the opportunity, but after the interview I went home, thought about it and rescind my application.

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No Offer

Negative Experience

Average Interview

Recruiting Interview

Palo Alto, CA

I applied online and interviewed at Medallia.

Interview Details – Horrible experience, really disorganized and chaotic interview process. No response after multiple interviews and followups whatsover. Really needs to improve candidate experience. Also, it seemed as if they themselves didn't know what would happen to the position. They said the company was undergoing some "organizational changes". Why do the hiring if the company is unsure? They are just wasting candidates' time.

Interview Question – There was a challenge, which was pretty easy.   Answer Question

Medallia Response

Jul 1, 2014President

Wow -- where do we start? First, I am so sorry about your poor candidate experience. We should have been able to provide you with prompt feedback and clarity about the future of the role. Second ... More

Accepted Offer

Positive Experience

Average Interview

Administrative Interview

Palo Alto, CA

I applied through an employee referral and the process took 3 weeks - interviewed at Medallia in April 2014.

Interview Details – Interviewing at Medallia was challenging and rewarding. The first step of the process before I even got a phone interview was to take a "Challenge" which consisted of creating a week-long off site agenda for a particular department, in addition to answering some short-essay questions. But within hours of submitting my Challenge, I was contacted and heard about next steps--a phone interview. The phone interview with the recruiter was extremely pleasant and she gave helpful insight about the company and where it's headed. From there, I came in for a 1:1 interview. After that went well, I came in one more day to meet with three more people on the team. Shortly after that, I was offered the position.

Interview Question – If there was a bio written about you in the local newspaper, what would it say?   Answer Question

Negotiation Details – Very generous salaries and benefits.

Medallia Response

Jul 1, 2014President

Thanks for sharing your experience and welcome to the team. We're thrilled you were up for our Challenge and had a positive experience with your recruiter. If you're interested in sharing any ... More

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