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Q1. You have a 10*10*10 cube, which is made of many

  1*1*1 cube. If you dip the cube in paint, how many of the smaller cubes dont have paint on them? Q2. Add up the digits of your phone number multiply it by 65 and remember this number till the end of the interview. Later, divide the number by 25. Q3. Expected value of a die. How much are you ready to pay for a game where I give you the dollar amount of what you roll(Eg: $1 if you roll a 1, $2 if you roll a 2 and so on) Now we continue playing, how much are you willing to pay if you can roll it 10 times? How much are you willing to pay if you have $1mm and you can play this game for the next 1 year. Q4. If i give you the offer to take this job up and I give you two options: Either a $5000 signing bonus or you play a game where you toss a coin and I give you $10000 if you toss a head and 0 is you toss a tail. Which one would you choose and why?

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