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The presentation was the most difficult.


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To Improve Your Business Presentation Skills
General purpose
Informative Transfer of information from speaker to audience
Persuasive Attempt to change attitude, belief, or action
Realistically define the results expected:
Realistic in scope
Realistic in view of receivers' knowledge, culture, status, etc.
Realistic in view of possible actions by receiver
Realistic in terms of what you can reasonably expect to accomplish
Specific outcomes you desire from the communication. Very specifically complete the following: When the presentation is finished, the audience will:
Hidden objectives of the presentation that the presenter is aware of but does not share with the audience. Sometimes the presenter has objectives that the presenter chooses not to share with the audience. It is important that the presenter is aware of them and prepares the speech accordingly. For example, if you were training on a safety procedure. You might have as your obvious purpose to inform the audience about the safety procedure. Your hidden objective might be to persuade the audience to follow the new safety procedure.

Lovette Supatan on Jul 17, 2012

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