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They asked me what ram is, that wasn't hard. But then they

  asked me to describe ram to a non-tech savvy person.

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I just gave him an example on how to organize a house. Ram is like one of the room to put everything in temporarily, and storage is the rest of the house

Interview Candidate on Sep 27, 2013

Good answer and example.

Patricia Johnson on Sep 30, 2013

RAM is like your short term memory which can be transferred to long term memory when you are asleep. Thus some of RAM is moved to hard drive when the computer is turned off.

Anonymous on Apr 6, 2014

Lets say you have a day of yard work ahead of you, and you want to start with mowing the yard. (in this case you are the CPU) while mowing the yard you dont want to be carrying a weed eater, ladder, shovel, etc at the same time as pushing a mower, not only does it slow you down but make it harder for you to mow the yard, that is why you have a shed or garage (RAM) to store other items for when you need to use them.

Anonymous on Apr 9, 2014

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