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Software Engineer Interview San Jose, CA

What could go wrong or why the software could stop working

  if the system where the software is running is updated to a faster system?
technical, analytical, algorithm

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What do u mean by faster system?
What kind of software?

If its just faster CPU clock speed, theoretically it should not matter, instructions will be processed faster.
If its user processes, nothing really, if its kernel, fast memory or fast CPU is a micro-architecture thing that should hide it from system software.

But, if you use timers that is a multiple of the CPU clock or sys clock which has now changed, it could definitely affect timings, that's why we use ticks, or absolute time differences

-R on Aug 15, 2014

Architecture dependent code may also break while moving say from 32 bit m/c to 64 bit machine

Anonymous on Feb 2, 2015

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