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What is Google's motivation for the self-driving car?


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A simple answer is to make money. Google has an unorthodox way of achieving that goal, generally speaking. They like to build a product that users would use and depend on, then try to monetize it. Search is a good example. Users depend on Google's expertise in organizing web information, and Google monetize it by advertisement.

With the exception Glass, Google doesn't build hardwares and softwares together like Apple. Google will build a self-driving Artificial Intelligence and license that to car manufactures. One important question is, "Why would there be a market for Self-Driving cars?" Here are couple of important ones.
1. Safely. Most accidents happen because humans are doing something stupid while driving, like checking facebook. AI's won't do that.
2. Efficiency. Traffic on the road happens because humans can't communicate with each other on the road. AI's would be much more efficient at it than humans.
3. Cost. Everything that is replaced by AI saves money over the long run.

Now hire me Bain!

Andrew Cho on Aug 29, 2014

Google's goal: change how humans interact with their environment.

David on Dec 25, 2014

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