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What would you do if you were out with a client, they drank

  too much and started tearing down the company, saying bad things about our executives, products etc.

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Believe it or not, some people will say they'll be combative either physically or verbally; this will end your interview.

Interview Candidate on Mar 18, 2009

Since they were drunk and saying things, it should not be that important. But one thing what we can do is try find out the pitfalls in the product (if you don't know previously) then inform the company. If you know it, should communicate to your higher officials to expediate the fixing the issue.

venkat on Jan 11, 2012

Right thing to do is to calm down the client, promise to address his concerns once he is sober and divert the topic to the quality of alcohol and his thoughts on best ways to party and have fun.

anonymous on Feb 22, 2015

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