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Which of you weaknesses hold you back the most?

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If the interviewer is obviously skilled with people, this is how to handle this.

This banks of the fact that people like people who are like them : Tell them that the weakness that holds you back the most is your people skills, just quickly add that you are always working on it and that you would appreciate their help should they hire you.

This is something that they are always going to be willing to do. Everybody wants to help someone improve, especially in a skill that they feel they themselves excel in. It will only look good for them if you receive their council and your work or attitude improves.

If your interviewer does not strike you as particularly skilled with people:

Tell them that you find people fascinating and that you tend to end up spending way to much time on specific people, which pulls you away from your job for too long.

This is something that they are likely to find easy to deal with, and they were probably going to watch you like a hawk to get more productivity out of you anyway. Then, if you do not exhibit this weakness after your hiring, you can always say that you have been working on it. Especially if you have had a one on one with them already.

Interview Candidate on Mar 26, 2012

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