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Would you rather be playing for the New York Yankees on the

  bench or a star on the Tampa Bay Rays?

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This could go either way, as long as you justify your answer appropriately. If you want to be the go-getter, say you want the responsibilities of stardom, but if you prefer a passive learning role say playing and learning from the Yankees.

Interview Candidate on Oct 15, 2013

Tampa Bay Rays. Playing on the bench is an oxymoron... Think about that.

Anonymous on Jan 22, 2014

You take the Devil Rays because you will make more money as a star and will have at least 9 opportunities to play the Yankees. More exposure increases chances for greater upside potential for the team and personal value, the Yankees have nowhere to go but down. So the real question is would you rather have a World Series ring riding the pine only to sell that ring 10 years after you leave baseball or have money.

Anonymous on Jul 15, 2015

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