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Senior Software Engineer Interview Sunnyvale, CA

Write a function to copy the NULL terminated string? The

  source & destination can be any where with overlap possible. The end result should be that the destination should have string properly without getting corrupted.

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Copy from end to begin so that destination will has the string of source.

Viswesn on Aug 3, 2012

That doesn't work because if src > dst, there is an overlap and strlen( src ) > ( src - dst ) then a backwards copy will corrupt the result.

So you should check if src > dst and if so do a regular forward copy otherwise check if src < dst and if so do a backward copy while letting the condition of src == dst just fall through.

For the second test of src < dst you could also check if src + strlen( src ) <= dst and if so just do a forward copy reserving the backward copy for src + strlen( src ) > dst. The catch is that doing that actually adds an extra conditional check and an extra call to the forward function in the code - slightly increasing the code size and execution time.

Michael on Apr 7, 2014

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