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“Asking questions relating to a completely different job title. A specific question was "What do I love about QA" when I am not and have not been in QA for many years. My resume clearly shows this...”

“Describe something difficult you over came”

“Tell us of strengths and weaknesses”

“Her interview questions were, have you done this ,have you done that, and about the fun things the her group does, the culture of the team, and about the past employee that held the position. Really...”

“The only question I was asked was my availability.”

“What is your best pet peeve in the workplace?”

“Would I be OK dealing with a volitle personality? I was told they asked that of everyone...”

“What kind of experience do you have?”

“They had my resume so they asked some questions about how I work. That is, am I self starter? What's the best way to work with me?”

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