Academic Director Interview Questions

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“Asked to describe how to determine academic eligibility for a returning student athlete.”

“Explain how you would be the best person for this position?”

“Name one time that you had a confrontation with a student or another faculty member. Explain how you handled it and what you would have done differently in retrospect.”

“There were no "curve ball" questions; however, a lot of emphasis seemed to be put on hiring and firing people.”

“How do you stay organized?Just took me by surprise.”

“You're young, so how would you handle supervising those of us that have more experience?”

“Why would you change jobs after 30 years at one school?”

“Q: What was one thing that they asked you? If the class maximum is 14 students, what would you do if you had a 15th candidate for the class who would not stand for being placed in a lower level...”

“Q: What was one thing that they asked you? How would you manage staff insubordination?”

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