Account Consultant Interview Questions

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“Throughout my career, who has been my biggest influence?”

“Why did I want to leave my current industry to work for YellowBook advertising?”

“Who do you look up to most.”

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“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

“what do you think you can bring to frontline?”

“Explain how your job was an account manager? It really doesn't fit what we have listed as Account Manager”

“So obviously asking what interested you in the job is a given, but the interviewer actually asked why I made the decision to go into marketing as a career in the first place. It seems like an easy…”

“Explain to me in detail some common themes taking place in ESG research today.”

“What was the most recent book you've read? Why did you read it? Would you recommend it to me?”

“What is one thing that you want to improve on professional and personally?”

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