Account Coordinator Interview Questions

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“Tell me something about yourself that I wouldn't know from reviewing your resume.”

“Why News America Marketing?”

“What personality would I take on a team”

“Walk me through your resume, and tell me about your past experiences in sales/customer service.”

“Besides being people oriented, why do you think that you would be good at sales? Why do you want to do sales as a career?”

“Describe News America Marketing to me? What have you been saying to your parents, friends and family when you describe the company? What are the products in our portfolio?”

“There is only one position and it's down to you and one person in the other room. Why should I give the job to you?”

“How can you measure you success on the team since you won't have specific sales goals?”

“How would you describe your temper?”

“They asked us to give a 1-minute "passion pitch" on something we're passionate about (other than travel).”

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