Account Development Manager Interview Questions

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“How would you manage a client's expectations if something goes wrong close to a promised deadline?”

“Your background doesn't really make you a natural fir for this position, so what makes you interested in sales?”

“How well do you handle conflict/change/stress?”

“Since I did not have a background in traditional staffing, asked me if I had concerns joining a staffing organization.”

“Are you a tiger?”

“What would one of your former bosses say about you if they were sitting here right now?”

“If there were any, what areas do you feel you could potentially improve on either personally or specifically pertain to past positions and/or the one you are applying for?”

“What do you plan to be doing in exactly 5 years and how much money do you plan to have in your bank account?”

“The interview process covered about every question in the book. However, it seems like they want a culture fit more than anything.”

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