Account Executive Interview Questions

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“Why do you want this position?”

“What are three strengths and three weaknesses that you would bring to Worldwide Express”

“Not difficult but Unexpected is Q & A.
1. Which products will you sell if you have a customer that are new in the area & just open their business/Door?
They don't have clientele base or they don't…”

“Sell me this product without using the product features or product knowledge?”

“If my business has already done Groupon and my campaign was unsuccessful why would I do LivingSocial?”

“Who would you vote for as president? (aka are you Republican or Democrat). Not relevent.”

“Give an example when you overcame adversity.”

“Will you be able to promise to make at least 50 prospecting phone calls a day?”

“(not really hard but I didnt prepare for) Lets do a role play situation where I am a customer shopping for a computer in Best Buy. What would you say?”

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