Account Manager Interview Questions

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“Please spell "idiverticulitis".”

“Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer ?”

“* Given an array of numbers. Create another array that contains * the product of all the members in the array except the current * element. For example, if you have an array of 3 elements such...”

“Get ready for swearing during the interview process...”

“You have children?”

“How do you build an algorithm to check for two files with identical content in the most efficient way”

“Do you have any software developer experience? Any QA Manager experience?”

“If a car company was introducing a new hybrid vehicle, what Google products would you use to bring the new car to market?”

“You have 8 coins. One is slightly heavier than the other 7. You have a scale. It costs $100 each time you use the scale. If you identify the heaviest coin you will get $250.”

“The distance between LA and NY is 3,000 miles. A train leaves LA and heads for NY at 100 mph. At the same time a bird leaves LA and heads to NY traveling at 300 mph. When the bird reaches NY it will...”

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