Account Sales Representative Interview Questions

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“Determine which side of the business you would be responsible for - MFT (Connect Direct), EDI (VAN Managed Services B2B), or any of the SCM solutions (now integrated into IBM's Websphere portfolio...”

“There really wasn't one. Manager--unprepared. (HR guy: "Tell me about a time where you had to do something you were unprepared for."”

“First interviewer asked about the general concepts of the company. What do we do? Tell me about our business?”

“Second interviewer asked strictly about hypothetical situations. "We don't want to do business with Groupon, change my mind"”

“So let's do an example of you selling me this product...”

“How has your current internship prepared you for this job?”

“Plan your day based on these given criteria. Some are more urgent then others and you have a firm party plan at the end of the day that you can not miss.”

“Why were you late on a credit card account with Kauffmans”

“Do you have any questions about the company”

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