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“The manager ask a question about their corporate values. As of now, they changed their corporate values, it is not updated on the website yet or they might have depending on what year, day , time or…”

“I was asked to describe my experience with analytic's and optimization.”

“She asked me what I knew of her agency.”

“What exactly does this position consist of? What is it that you want your successful candidate to do?”

“what will make you successful at this job?”

“How much was offered by the other company”

“Why do you want to be in sales?”

“what is biggest weakness”

“I had a follow up question that was answer in a rude way... Based on my job experience and what they are looking for, I was perfect. However, based on the position, my experience was not needed from…”

“When required example of live past good and bad customer service regarding sales and problem solving experience.
Something bad about yourself an employee had to say about you.”

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