Account Strategist Interview Questions

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“Which kind of company would you rather target as a customer, a flower shop or a funeral home?”

“Let's say you are working with a bakery. What 3 Google items would you sell them on?”

“Most difficult - how many marbles fit into a jar and how would you project the amount of tennis balls to be sold in Germany this year (they've done away with questions like this, though).”

“What should Google's next big product be?

If you could spend time with any fictional character, who would it be?”

“What is the most complex term in your current field of work? Explain it to me like I'm 5 years old.”

“What are the three benefits of Google Adwords? Rank them.”

“Can you explain how our product works?
How do you handle unhappy clients?
How do you compromise in order to create a win-win situation?
Whats the nicest thing you've done lately for someone?

“Asked about a difficult person you dealt with. Asked about favorite google product. Asked several questions I wasn't expecting until later interviews.”

“How would you deal with a frustrated customer?”

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