Accountant I Interview Questions

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“What is your biggest career regret, and what steps are you willing to take to resolve it?”

“One thing you would change about yourself.”

“Provide me with a time you had to complete a task, by a strict deadline, but had multiple interruptions. What did you do to complete the task and how did you handle the interruptions?”

“When you're under a lot of pressure and tight deadlines, how do you manage your stress level?”

“How do you calculate the Net Asset Value on a fund?”

“Can you tell me about a time working in a group that you experienced a problem with a group member? How did you resolve this problem.”

“How do you calculate NAV?”

“How do you find Net Asset Value?”

“Tell us about a time where you were assigned a project and you went above and beyond to complete it. What were the results?”

“Which do you like better, debits or credits and why?”

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