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“Describe a situation in which you resolved a personality conflict in the workplace.”

“Tell me about yourself.”

“Write a code that takes an input number and outputs the sum of all the EVEN numbers from that number down to zero.
Write a function that, given a number as input, returns the factorial of that…”

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“Should one company purchase another company that is in a very different field?”

“"Do you have any more questions?"”

“Tell me a time you've had a conflict with a co worker?”

“3 light bulbs and 3 light switches, the lights are upstairs and the switches are downstairs. With no extra help, and no one else around, by making one trip how do you figure out which light goes to…”

“How many simulations would it take to get an accuracy of less than or equal to 1%”

Associate at Deloitte

Feb 22, 2012

“What are the different ways to value a business?”

“If you were an animal, what would you be?”

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