Accounting interview questions

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“You are trying to access a file on a shared drive, but cannot (somewhat vague way to phrase question, but that is its intent I suppose)”

“Technical interview was completely based on knowledge of excel!”

“"Why should we hire you?"”

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“What do you value most, atmosphere, money or growth? They wanted me to rank the importance of all three.”

“Where do you see yourself in five years from now?”

“Interview was really easy when I had it... nothing unexpected or unknown.”

“When asked about dilution method, a follow up would be of why choice to make excess/no excess amounts of stock. Explain your reasoning.”

Executive Chef at FGM

Mar 11, 2014

“How would you deal with multi-cultural and multi-lingual employees of my staff of over 60+?”

“How do you know English”

“What is the biggest mistake you've ever made?”

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