Accounting Interview Questions

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“What characteristics in a company do you look for for a good LBO candidate?”

Accountant at IRS

Sep 8, 2010

“What databases have you worked with”

“How did you prepare for the interview?”

“Why is the most important thing you would improve about yourself and how would you do it?”

“I had trouble typing fast enough with the owner sitting next to me with a chronometer in hand but it was all fun.”

“How would you go about choosing a new software for the company to use in your sector should you decide that the current software does not continue to meet our needs in the future.”

“What are your core values; Do you like driving”

“What has been your hardest class so far?”

“Is it possible to have an a project with a negative NPV but a positive IRR and MIRR? And if so what does this mean?”

“Detailed questions regarding job experience in accounting.”

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