Accounting Interview Questions

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“Do you have the technical knowledge to operate a book shop?
Can you supervise employees so that they are fulfilled and the job is done?
Have you the business knowledge to maintain the b-o-r-i-n-g…”

“What can you tell me about yourself in 5 years?”

“Didn't really ask any hard questions. Asked what I was looking for in a job.”

“A variety of cold calling questions dealing with breaking the ice and making the sale.”

“An airline company is replacing their entire fleet of planes. The old planes have zero salvage value and there is no depreciation to deal with. Explain the effect on the the company's financial…”

“Why should we hire your, why are you not working at the big 4”

“Questions about derrivatives pricing and products.”

“what is accounting??”

“How would you address Management if your cost estimate was way too low from the contract cost?”

“The most unexpected part of the hiring process was the test given right before the panel interview.”

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