Accounting Manager Interview Questions

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“Tell us about a time when you made a bad decision and how you rectified it”

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“Why do you want to work for us and also leave your firm”

“walk me through the process of conducting a risk assessment as well as planning an audit from start to completion”

“How did I previously handle poor performing employees. And do I prefer to retrain or fire them.”

“What type of start up experience do you have?”

“I was asked would I be willing to work for less if I knew I would make a higher salary later.”

“What significant contribution have you made in the past with your previous employer?”

“Second step was Panel Interview they wanted to know more about my personality and what my 5 year goals at HSBC are.”

“Would I be able to get to work in the rain or snow.”

“Professional knowledge about an industry to which I had no previous experience.”

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