Accounting Supervisor Interview Questions

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“what would you do if half your staff quit at the same time?”

“How long can you work for a company without getting regular paychecks?”

“Describe how polictical it was at your last job?”

“How do you deal with difficult people”

“The most difficult question was, " Why did Shirley Wang start the door manufacturing business in Ashtabula"?”

“Questions were not to unusual - what can you do for us? Why would you want to come here?”

“Technical questions about background. Nothing earth shattering. There were several panel interviews. This is the format they like to use.”

“It is dumb, but I got thrown by "what is your favorite brand of shoe" I love shoes and have way too many for my own good. Should have been on it and came to the table with a Zumiez type shoe, I…”

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