Accounts Payable Specialist Interview Questions

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“"Are you Black, what is your nationality?”

“They asked basic questions as to whether you had experience.”

“I cannot believe the recruiter asked me the most basic questions of where and what I did in my past. She had my resume right in front of her. So did I. LoL”

“Why was I terminated?”

“What types of computer skills do you possess?”

“Give an example of a time you had to collaborate with another department, what was your role, and what was the project.”

“Why should we pick you instead of other candidates?
Do you have children?
Are you homesick?”

“Be prepared to answer plenty of question regarding mistakes you have made and how you fixed it, how you handle change and other scenario types of questions.”

“I tend to think the most difficult question during an interview process is the "why should we hire you" question. And as it expected it was asked and answered with good feedback as well.”

“I don't remember there being any difficult or unexpected questions.”

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