Actuarial Analyst Interview Questions

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“you have a 9x9x9 sided cube made up of 1 squaree inch squares. If all sides are painted how many cubes have no paint on any side?”

“You Have a 5 gallon bucket and a 3 gallon bucket. How do you measure out 4 gallons”

“You have seven balls and a two sided scale. all weigh the same but one. In two measurements find th odd bal”

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“Why San Antonio?”

“what would your friends say about you?”

“Two people each take turns to throw a die. Who has the higher number wins, and it's a draw if the numbers are the same. What is the probability that the first person to throw wins?”

“what would a person who doesn't particularly care for you say?”

“1) What do you consider to be your greatest professional accomplishment?”

“2) I cannot state my question exactly, but be prepared to demonstrate your analytical thought process when a question of that nature arises.”

“How do you think we make money?”

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