Actuarial Assistant Interview Questions

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“no unexpected question. Suggestion: prepare question about Geico's market share, history, state and all content in your resume.”

“Technical Questions: Included answering questions about how specific things in Excel work (such as what do pivot tables work, how to use VBA macros, etc). Similarly there were technical questions…”

“How did you hear actuary this profession?”

“What's been your biggest mistake in your career thus far?”

“They describe a golf course that gives a certain prize to players when they hit a hole in one. They want you to figure out what the premium should be on an insurance policy on the prize.”

“The analytical test is no less than a two hour exam. Make sure you are prepared, awake, and equipped.”

“Describe to me time when you changed a process.”

“They ask if you had a magical box that could produce any information, what would you want to price a premium for a policy?”

“What model did you use for reserving during your internship?”

“give me an example that you apply your knowledge to real life.”

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