Actuarial Interview Questions

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“the most difficult part of the final round is the group case, because it is a human capital question that has little to do with actuarial knowledge. You are put into a team of 2 - 4 and the other…”

“"Give an example of when you were at fault and how you handled it."”

“More than just a question, just an open ended back and forth at lunch can make you self-conscious about your table manners and things that may get you off your "game" with respect to what you are…”

“Technical question I do not know”

“What's been your biggest mistake in your career thus far?”

“Why should I hire you over the other 50 candidates outside of this room?”

“What is your biggest weakness?”

“Tell me how you think.”

“how to deal the issues in a team?”

“how to do parallal computation?”

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