Adjunct Instructor Interview Questions

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“It was just a chit-chat.”

“When was the last time you turned a fellow employee into management”

“When can I come to work”

“How many hours do I want to work?”

“If not prepped to give a little lesson, I could see where someone might freeze up. Since the position was for an instructor you should be able to very easily discuss a topic and be able to answer…”

“The temperature of the buildings was maintained too low for comfort even in the Winter.”

“Who was your favorite supervisor and why?”

“The part-time faculty parking facilities were not available until after 6PM, and yet some teaching assignments were in the morning or early afternoon, when the largest student population overwhelmed…”

“What is you idea of profession conduct in the work place?”

“What have you done in your career to make you a subject matter expert?”

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