Administrative Assistant Interview Questions

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“How do you feel about dealing with Sensative Confidential Student information.”

“Why shouldn't I hire you?”

“Most questions were job related.
Unexpectedly was asked about any books that I was currently reading.”

“What is your greatest weakness”

“Asking me if I realized there would be some very unglamorous aspects of the job (my words) and asked how I felt about that and how I would handle it. I was just caught off guard she would be so…”

“What programming skills do you have?”

“how would you deal with two meetings with the same employee that were scheduled at the same time and had conflicting interests?”

“What should your (my) salary be? I had no position description to go by and was given very little info of what position entailed except supervision”

“Describe some difficulties or negative experiences with your previous employer.”

“Can you commit at least five years to this position?”

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